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Low Heat Cautery Set

EMS Catalog #72976-10

The Low Heat Cautery Set can be used in a number of applications including but not limited to:

  • Coagulation of blood vessels
  • Stop bleeding
  • Dental, ophthalmologic and ENT purposes


In order to ensure safety of this product and the user, please follow these instructions carefully. Authorized personnel should be the only individuals using this product.


  • Keep this product away from flammable sources and explosive gases
  • Do not use this product if any of its parts are damaged
  • Tips should only be used with FAROMED battery handles and rechargeable battery handles
  • Use for short term applications only (up to 5 min.) as product may become very hot during application
  • Avoid continuous use – plastic chips on the tip can melt after 20 seconds of burning
  • Never lay the hot handle/tip down onto or near another individual
  • Never place other instruments over the handle
  • Do not attempt to fix bended tips under any circumstances
  • Use of uncleaned tips may cause cross-infection – clean immediately after initial use

When using this product

  • New instruments must be cleaned and disinfected prior to use
  • Protect all parts at all times from any mechanic damage
  • Total time allotted for use is dependent on the charging status of the batteries – high current during use causes short battery life
  • Tips must be removed from the handle immediately after use to avoid risk of damage
  • Remove the batteries from the handle before storing the device (when application is complete)

For cauterization of blood vessels on the scleroma

  1. Place the cold tip on the capillary bleeding spot
  2. Remove the cautery simultaneously to switch on the current
Low Heat Cautery Set
Figure 1
Low Heat Cautery Set
Figure 2

Changing batteries

  1. See Figures 1 and 2 to the right
  2. Check that the tip if fixed
  3. Press down the switch at the handle shortly
    • If tip begins to glow, this indicated that the device is ready for use
    • DO NOT use the tip without tissue contact – burn out may occur

Cleansing, disinfection, and sterilization

The handle is supplied non-sterile. We recommend sterilizing before use.

  1. Dismount the handle before cleansing and remove the batteries
  2. Sort by stainless instrumentals, chromed instruments, and affected instruments
  3. Wet the handle completely with a disinfectant (0.5% Kohrsolin FF) – tips can also be placed into a strainer and dipped into Sekusept Plus 4% for 15 minutes, then rinsed with demineralized water for 5 minutes
  4. Allow for an exposure time of at least 15 minutes
  5. Rinse the handle for about 5 minutes with demineralized water. Dry with a lint-free cloth or with compressed air
    • When cleaning, DO NOT use any abrasive tools
    • Dry the instruments immediately after cleaning
    • Before autoclaving, ALWAYS remove the batteries
  6. Steam sterilization at 134°C with a hold time of 5 minutes – DO NOT make use of hot air sterilization
    • ALWAYS reassure that no contaminants are on the gold-plated contacts at the switch of the handle – residues can increase electrical resistance, resulting in lower performance of the tip and faster warming of the handle
    • Check that the switching lever is not bent
Low Heat Cautery Set

Note: The cautery tips have been cleaned of residues – any residue that remains on the tips can brand into the tips, making the cleaning process significantly difficult. Cautery tips can be cleaned with disinfectants as well as by an autoclave. The platinum tip itself is sterile, which is indicated by illumination.


Power supply 2x alkaline cell 1.5 V, type Mignon, LR6 (AA)
Temperature of tips About 1000°C
Weight (including batteries) About 120g
Application part Type B
Classification based on MPG Ila
Certificate CE

Product Information

Low Heat Cautery Set