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Rapid Print Washer

EMS Catalog #74387


The Rapid Print Washer uses 21 powerful jets, running water constantly, to separate and wash both sides of prints quickly and completely. Agitating water also engages and dilutes the hypo, carrying it through the washer and out the opposite side quickly.

The Rapid Print Washer accommodates:

  • 10 to 12 full-sized prints in one loading
  • All size films up to 11" x 14" (28 x 35.5 cm).

Internal measurements: 13" x 15½"


  1. Set washer in level position.
  2. Attach plastic hose to male nipple.
  3. Apply faucet attachment on other end of hose to COLD water faucet. Note: If faucet is large, the faucet attachment can be turned out-side-in.
  4. Adjust water flow to maintain a constant level even with the top of the perforated distributor "Header" but not over it. Note: This level is important and must be maintained at all times.

The Rapid washer is now ready for use!

  1. When done, drain washer by standing on end with header up, this will allow for proper drainage.

Helpful Hints

  1. Use for washing prints after developing as well as for removing hypo after fixing by placing washer tray between developer and fixing trays. Note: Rinsing of developer and removal of hypo can be done at the same time without one interfering with the other.
  2. If prints curl, place curl-side down, toward the bottom of the washer to minimize the curling effect.
  3. When washing a large number of prints at a time, change their position in the wash tray, moving bottom prints to the top.
  4. The Rapid Print Washer can also be used for short lengths of roll film or cut film. Place film flat on bottom and hold down with film clips. Change positions occasionally.

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Rapid Print Washer