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EMS Catalog #7670

Important Tips and Setup for the FlipScribe

  • Best used with magnification – can be placed under a stereoscope or by using a head magnifier
  • Before starting, check the for the following using an optical Microscope:
    • Scriber tip: best results are achieved with a damage-free tip
  • Set the tilt and height of the diamond scribe (See Figure 1)
    • Set the tilt (default setting of -2 to -3 is acceptable)
    • Height of the diamond scriber tip should be set to just above the plane of the sample plate
    • Final position should be: one of the sharp facets positioned horizontally, in line with the scribe aligning guideline (See Figure 2)
  • Backside Scribing the Samples
    • Use vertical guide and sample slide or holders to achieve best scribe
    • For crystalline material, use a short scribe (set scribe stop with leading edge of sample touching scriber tip – See Figure 3); when scribing off crystal planes, you must use diamond scriber with damage-free tip and make a long scribe across the backside of entire sample
  • Cleaving procedure
    • Snapping – grab sample edge with scribe facing up with both hands – use thumb and middle fingers 10mm from scribe and bend sample away from scribe – will cleave along direction of scribe
    • Using CleanBreak – cleave sample using cleaving pliers – plier jaws positioned on edge of sample with scribe facing aligning mark on pliers
    • Cleaving over a pin – lay sample with scribe facing up over paper clip, need, fine wire or pin, pushing with fingers symmetrically on either side of scribe until sample cleaves
    • Cleaving using FlipScribe – use tip of FlipScribe scriber to cleave sample – place sample on top of scriber tip with scribe facing up, pushing with fingers symmetrically on either side until sample cleaves
      • We recommend using a stereoscope during this method to allow user to see sample during cleaving process
    • Cleaving small samples – use small sample pliers (single point cleave)

  • Holders allow the operator to secure wafers and/or samples (according to your application) securely

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