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mPrep/s™ Specimen Processing Capsules

EMS Catalog #85010-01, 85010-02, 85010-03

About mPrep/s™ Specimen Processing Capsules

Easier specimen preparation

Patented mPrep/s™ capsules are used for processing and embedding of biological samples, as well as storage of embedded specimens. Each capsule includes a specially designed micromolded top screen to retain and orient – if desired – the specimen. Here's how it works:

  1. Specimen is inserted into the mPrep/s™ capsule and held in place by the insert. A special tool is provided to facilitate insertion.
  2. If required, specimen orientation is easily achieved. Simply "pinch" the back of the sample in the insert or place it on the insert in the desired orientation. Once inserted, it will be gently held in place within the capsule. If orientation is not required, just drop specimen into the capsule and place the insert over it.
  3. Capsule is labeled with barcode or human-readable label.
  4. Capsule is fitted on a micropipetter for fluid processing steps, from fixation through resin exchanges.
  5. Capsule is removed for polymerization.
  6. Trim and section block right through mPrep/s™ capsule.
  7. Store block in clearly labeled mPrep/s™ capsule.

Benefits of Using mPrep/s™ Capsules for Specimen Preparation

  • Specimen can be oriented prior to or during processing
  • Less specimen handling saves labor and reduces damage
  • Consistent high quality results
  • Integrated labeling for improved sample tracking and greater personnel time efficiency
  • Intrinsically GLP compliant
  • Reduces supplies and reagent costs – cuts waste volume
  • Pays for itself by reducing reagent consumption by 75% or more

Product Information

mPrep/s™ Specimen Processing Capsules