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Color Coding SFA Light and Filter Sets

We offer five different fluorescence excitation light sources for the Model SFA Stereo Microscope Fluorescence Adapter. Knowing which emission barrier filter or shield should be used with each light source is not hard if you have a good working knowledge of fluorescence, but just to avoid confusion we color code all of the pieces to be used together with a matching color strip.

We had to make a choice: choose a color strip corresponding to the expected fluorescence emission color or corresponding to the light source color. If the only use were going to be with fluorescent proteins, we might have gone with the former, but when you consider the world's vibrant palette of fluorescence responses you find that one excitation may elicit a broad spectrum of color responses. So the color coding of all three pieces in a light+filter set – the light head, barrier filter, and filter shield – corresponds to the color of the excitation source.

  • Light+Filter Set, showing light head, barrier filter, and filter shield
  • Fluorescent mineral on microscope stage

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