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Microscope Eye Shields and Microscope Tent


We found these wonderful little eye shields when searching for a total solution for doing Fluorescence Anywhere™. Our unique Eclipse MicroTent™ provides local darkness around the microscope so that you can view and photograph fluorescence even outdoors in full sun. When we tried this in very high-light conditions we learned that while the area inside the tent was sufficiently dark, the last limiting factor was the light coming in from the sides of our eyes. We experimented with hoods, blinders, and other tricks, but none of these combined function with convenience. These eye shields solved the problem, and we are now pleased to offer them as a standard product for microscopists.

microscope eye shields    Section of printed circuit board, fluorescence
Eye shields folded down – if you can see his eyes, light can get in!    Eye shields folded up to block light


To attach, just stretch the rubber ring over the end of the eyepiece. They are available in two sizes so that you can use them with or without existing rubber eye cup. If you want them out of the way you can just fold them down to the sides.

Section of printed circuit board, white light    Section of printed circuit board, fluorescence
Eye shields folded down    Eye shields folded up


The combination of these microscope eye shields and the Eclipse MicroTent™ give you true fluorescence freedom. The photograph on the left below shows NIGHTSEA founder Charlie Mazel using the Stereo Microscope Fluorescence Adapter, powered by a battery, in combination with the Eclipse MicroTent™ and the Tru-Block eye shields to do fluorescence microscopy on Nobska Beach in Woods Hole, Massachusetts . The image on the right is a fluorescence photograph of a mollusk shell and operculum taken using the system – in the middle of the afternoon. The red fluorescence on the shell arises from chlorophyll in algae growing on the shell.

microscope tent    Section of printed circuit board, fluorescence
Fluorescence microscopy on the beach in the middle of the afternoon with the Eclipse MicroTent and Tru-Block Eye Shields    Fluorescence stereo micrograph of underside of a snail shell, showing the operculum and algae growing on the shell


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