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Will The Stereo Microscope Fluorescence Adapter Fit My Microscope?

EMS Catalog #SFA

The standard microscope adapter offered with the Model SFA Stereo Microscope Fluorescence Adapter system works with nearly all stereo microscopes of any make, model, and vintage. We also offer solutions for some of the few microscopes that the standard system does not fit, including an oversize adapter and a custom solution for the Leica EZ4 series of stereo microscopes.

Standard Adapter

The Adapter Ring is the only piece of the SFA that touches your microscope. It attaches at the base of the objectives where a ring light would attach. The inside diameter of the Adapter Ring is 67mm and will attach to any diameter down to 47mm.

Section of printed circuit board, white light   Section of printed circuit board, fluorescence
Adapter Ring – Inside diameter 67mm.   Red arrows indicate where the Adapter Ring attaches.

Oversize Adapter

For microscopes with a diameter greater than 67mm at the base of the objectives where a ring light would attach, we offer an oversize adapter. This fits microscopes up to 85mm diameter. The SFA-XL-AD is a substitute for the standard adapter and should only be selected when it is really needed. This oversize adapter includes the magnets for attaching the barrier filters and provision to attach the standard viewing shield.

Custom Adapter for Leica EZ4 Series

We offer a custom adapter for the Leica Model EZ4 series of stereo microscopes, with or without an integrated camera. Visit the product page at Nightsea for more information.

Custom Adapter for Keyence Digital Microscopes

We offer custom adapters for most of the lenses available with the Keyence VHX series of digital microscopes. Visit the product page at Nightsea for more details.

Tips for Amscope Microscopes

The standard adapter ring supplied with the Stereo Microscope Fluorescence Adapter is the one piece of the system that directly attaches to your microscope. It serves as the means for mounting our modular barrier filters and filter shields. The ring attaches at the bottom of the objective housing with thumbscrews and is nearly universal. However, many of the stereo microscopes in the Amscope line have a tapered section at the bottom of the objectives, as in the example below. This tape is not a good surface for mounting our adapter ring. Fortunately, Amscope offers their own inexpensive ring light adapters that screw into the bottom of that taper and provide a suitable cylindrical surface for attaching our standard adapter.

Stereo Microscopes That we Know the SFA System has been Used With

Below is a partial list of stereo microscopes that we know the system has been used with. If you have any additions please let us know so we can add it to the list to make it easier for others. Please note- if your microscope is not on the list, that does not mean that the SFA adapter will not fit, just that we do not have our own direct knowledge.

  • Brunel
    • BMDZ
  • Fisher
    • Stereomaster Zoom 12-562-1
  • Leica
    • A60
    • M3C
    • M50
    • M80
    • M205
    • MS5
    • MZ6
    • MZ8
    • MZ12
    • MZ16
    • S-APO
    • S4
    • S6E
    • S7E
    • S8
    • S9
    • S9E
    • S9i
  • Meiji
    • EMZ
  • Motic
    • SMZ168
    • SMZ171
  • Nikon
    • SMZ-1B
    • SMZ-2B
    • SMZ-2T
    • SMZ-10A
    • SMZ445
    • SMZ645
    • SMZ745
    • SMZ660
    • SMZ800
    • SMZ1000
    • SMZ1500
  • Olympus
    • SZ40
    • SZ51
    • SZ61
    • SZX7
    • SZX10
    • SZX12
    • SZX16
  • VWR
    • Vistavision
  • Wild
    • M5A
  • Zeiss
    • Discovery V8
    • Stemi 305
    • Stemi 508
    • Stemi 1000
    • Stemi 2000
    • SV6
    • SV11