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Electron Microscopy Sciences

Illuminators, Magnifiers, Microscopes & Graticules

arrow13Counting Chambers

Wildco Sedgewick-Rafter Counting Cells
Wildco Sedgewick-Rafter Counting Cells

arrow10EMS Sedgewick-Rafter Counting Cells

Intended for use with standard or inverted compound microscopes at low magnifications.

These feature a millimeter square grid, providing the ability to extrapolate the number of zooplankton, thus saving time by not having to count the entire cell.

Both cells include two cover glasses and one plastic case.

  • Slide is 1" x 3"
  • Cell size is 1.96" W x 0.787" H x 0.04" D
  • Cell volume is 1.0 ml

Note: Standard Methods recommended way to count zooplankton in the 400 to 1000µ range.

63509-01 EMS Sedgewick-Rafter Counting Cell, Brass, 1.0 ml each 48.00 Add to Cart
63509-02 EMS Gridded Sedwick-Rafter Counting Cell each 136.00 Add to Cart

Counting Chambers from Hausserarrow10Counting Chambers from Hausser

These chambers are the finest quality, optically ground, and polished milled glass chambers available. The chamber is diamond etched and has a double improved Neubauer Ruling, which has a worldwide reputation in hospitals and laboratories for unmatched reliability, meeting the most demanding of standards. The standard Hausser blood counting chambers are one piece construction (measuring 75mmx32mmx4.5mm) ensuring long term durability and absolute accuracy in measurement and count.

buerkerWe offer both the standard (incline) and the new “V-Load” counting hambers for different charging methods. The tolerances are ( 2% of the volume). Cell Depth: 0.100 mm ( +/-2%); Volume: 0.1 Microliter Ruling; Pattern: Improved Neubauer, 1/400 Square mm Rulings cover 9 square millimeters. Boundary lines of the Neubauer rulings are the center lines of the groups of three. (These are indicated in the illustration ). The central square millimeter is ruled into 25 groups of 16 small squares, each group separated by triple lines, the middle one of which is the boundary. The ruled surface is 0.10 mm below the cover glass, so that the volume over each of 16

Made to Last

In addition to the standard ruling patterns which are etched permanently onto the polished surface, we offer the popular “Bright-Line” counting chamber. This bright-line counting chamber allows the ruling to appear brightly illuminated providing sharp contrast to the bright lines and cells, helping the user with accurate counts and less eyestrain. The triple lines show clearly which cells lie within the counting area and eliminate guesswork.We guarantee that all marks are permanent, and can not be removed even after repeated washings.

Other Chambers and Accessories

In addition to the blood counting chambers, we also offer a variety of other counting chambers and accessories which compliment our discipline.

  • The Phase Hemacytometer: used for phase microscopy; it is a one piece brightlined hemacytometer with a reduced thickness.
  • The Petroff Hausser Counting Chamber: used for bacteria counting.
  • The Sperm Counting Chambers: used primarily in fertility testing; it is offered in a series of depths (10, 20, 40 microns).
  • The Howard Mold Counter and the Sedgewick Rafter Counting Chamber are also available as well as a series of hemacytometer and counting chamber cover glasses.

Neubauer Ruled Metallized Counting Chambearrow10Double Neubauer Ruled Metallized Counting Chamber

An “H” shape moat which forms 2 counting areas are metal plated and double Neubauer ruled providing sharp bright line contrast for consistent cell counts. A “V” cut on each area is used to control the possibility of overflow. Triple dividing lines clearly show cells within the counting area. The ruled surface is 0.1mm below the cover glass; liquid capacity is 0.1mm3/mm2 and 0.00025mm3/grid square.

Ordering: The complete set includes one counting chamber, two 0.5mm cover glasses, one red cell pipette, one white blood cell pipette, tubing, mouthpieces and carrying case.

Catalog # Description Hauser No. Price  
63510-10 Complete Chamber Set 3120 402.00 Add to Cart
63510-11 Chamber with 2 Cover Glasses 3100 310.00 Add to Cart
63510-13 Chamber only 3110 285.00 Add to Cart
63510-20 Phase Counting Chamber 3200 342.00 Add to Cart

Transparent Field with Opaque Pattern Levy Double Neubauer arrow10 Etched - Transparent Field with Opaque Pattern Levy Double Neubauer

Ruled Hemacytometer

Double improved Neubauer rulings are diamond etched directly into a polished recess to reduce damage from scratches. Opaque surfaces above and below the counting area offer an easy focal reference. The chamber comes with a quick orientation mark for the microscope. 0.1mm cell depth.

Ordering: The complete set includes one counting chamber, two 0.5mm cover glasses, pipettes, and carrying case.

Catalog # Description Hauser No. Price  
63511-10 Complete Set 3520 462.00 Add to Cart
63511-11 Chamber with Two Cover Glasses 3500 312.00 Add to Cart
63511-13 Chamber only 3510 310.00 Add to Cart

Other Counting Chambers

arrow10 Fuchs-Rosenthal Counting Chamber:

Designed for counting leukocytes, eosinophils and cells in cerebrospinal fluid. Grid pattern is etched directly onto the glass surface. The chamber is 0.2mm deep.

Ordering: Chamber set includes: one chamber and 2 octagonal cover glasses.

Catalog # Description Hauser No. Price  
63512-10 Fuchs Resenthal Counting Chamber 3720 442.00 Add to Cart

tdsPetroff-Hausser arrow10Petroff-Hausser Counting Chamber:

New improved Neubauer ruling pattern with 1/400 sq. mm of ruling. Designed for the counting of bacteria, sperm, blood platelets, and the content of vaccines. Cell is 0.02 mm deep with 1.5 mm thick glass slide allows the use off dark field microscopy.

Catalog # Description Hauser No. Price  
63512-20 Petroff Hausser Chamber 3900 650.00 Add to Cart
63512-21 Petroff-Hausser Chamber w/ Case 3920 752.00 Add to Cart
63512-22 Petroff-Hausser Chamber no grid, w/ case 3900SP 648.00 Add to Cart
63512-23 Petroff-Hausser Chamber 10 microns w/ Grid 3901 860.00 Add to Cart
63512-24 Petroff-Hausser Chamber 20 microns w/ Grid 3902 860.00 Add to Cart
63512-25 Petroff-Hausser Chamber 10 microns w/o Grid 3951 860.00 Add to Cart
63512-26 Petroff-Hausser Chamber 20 microns w/o Grid 3952 860.00 Add to Cart

Nageotte Counting Chamberarrow10Nageotte Counting Chamber:

Bright Line double ruling, 0.5mm cell depth.

Catalog # Description Hauser No. Price  
63512-30 Nageotte Chamber with Coverglasses 4000 650.00 Add to Cart

arrow10Palmer, McMaster, Speirs-Levy and Howard Chambers

Catalog # Description Hauser No. Price  
63512-50 Palmer Chamber (Nanoplankton) 3850 312.00 Add to Cart
63512-75 McMaster Egg Slide Chamber 3875 450.00 Add to Cart
63512-56 Speirs-Levy Eosinophil Counting Chamber 3556 975.00 Add to Cart
63512-55 Howard Mold Counter with Two Cover Slips 3820 435.00 Add to Cart
McMaster Egg Slide Chamber
Speirs-Levy Eosinophil Counting Chamber
Howard Mold Counter

Leica Bright-Linearrow10 Leica Bright-Line Counting Chamber

Designed by Leica for accurate counting of blood cells platelets, dust/yeast cluster and specimen samples. Sharp contrast from rhodium plated on “V-Load”. Triple dividing lines clearly delineate counting area for accurate and precise results. Molded from a single piece of thermal and shock resistant glass with a polished chamber and cover glass assuring precise capillary loading and even cell distribution. Fluid volume is 0.1 mm3/mm2 and 0.00025mm2 per each square.

Ordering: The complete set includes: one counting chamber, two 0.4mm cover glass, one red cell pipette, one white cell pipette, tubing, mouthpieces, and storage case

Catalog # Description Hauser Price  
63514-10 Bright-Line Chamber Set 1483 398.00 Add to Cart
63514-11 Bright-Line Chamber w two 0.4mm Cover Glass 1492 312.00 Add to Cart
63514-12 Bright-Line Chamber Only 1490 280.00 Add to Cart
63514-20 Bright-Line Phase Chamber Set w/o Cover Glass 1475 332.00 Add to Cart
63514-30 Hemacytometer Cover Glass, 0.4mm 1461 32.00 Add to Cart
63514-31 Red Cell Pipette (Thoma) 1456 57.00 Add to Cart
63514-32 White Cell Pipette (Thoma) 1458 57.00 Add to Cart
63514-34 Plastic Case for Hemacytometer 1505 56.00 Add to Cart
arrow10 Accessories
63516-10 Cover Glass 20x26x0.5mm 5000 18.00 Add to Cart
63516-11 Cover Glass 25x28x0.5mm 5010 55.00 Add to Cart
63516-12 Cover Glass 25x33x0.5mm 5020 55.00 Add to Cart
63516-13 Cover Glass 27x37x0.5mm 5030 55.00 Add to Cart
63516-20 Sedgewick Rafter Cover Glass 5040 47.00 Add to Cart
63516-30 Petroff-Hausser Reinforced Cover Glass 5050 149.00 Add to Cart
63516-31 Petroff-Hausser Cover Glass 20x26x0.2mm 5051 55.00 Add to Cart
63516-40 Whipple Eyepiece Micrometer 5060 428.00 Add to Cart
63516-42 Howard Eyepiece Micrometer 5070 248.00 Add to Cart
63516-50 Nageotte Cover Glass, 30x33x0.5mm 5400 55.00 Add to Cart
63516-61 Nageotte Cover Glass 30x33x1.5mm 5411 64.00 Add to Cart
63516-45 Howard Thin Cover Glass 28 x 33 x 0.5mm Thick 5080 55.00 Add to Cart
63516-46 Howard Thick Cover Glass 28 x 33 x 1mm Thick 5090 55.00 Add to Cart

Downloadable PDFC-Chip Disposable Hemacytometerarrow10C-Chip Disposable Hemacytometer

The world's first truly disposable Hemacytometer, the C-Chip offers precise volume control and is easy to use.


  • Quartz grade optical plastic
  • Precise design leads to highly reproducible results
  • Two counting chambers fitted with clearest grid pattern rich in contrast
  • Exposure to infectious material is reduced due to its closed system
  • Continuous sample containment
  • Light and unbreakable compared to glass
  • No need for cover slips
  • Time and cost saving
  • For single use


  • Blood Analysis: Blood Cell Counting
  • Cell Culture: Cell Concentration measurement / Cell Viability Test
  • Microbiology: Bacteria and Fungal Spore Counting
  • IVF, IUI: Sperm Counting


Measurements 25(W) x 75(L) x 1.6(T) mm
Chamber Volume 10 micro liters
Chamber Depth 100, 200 or 10 Micron (Depends on model)

Ordering Information:

63508-01 Neubauer Improved, 100 tests 2 tests/slide 50 slides 135.00 Add to Cart
63508-03 Fuchs Rosenthal 2 tests/slide 50 slides 135.00 Add to Cart
63508-06 Burker 2 tests/slide 50 slides 135.00 Add to Cart
63508-07 Burker Turk 2 tests/slide 50 slides 135.00 Add to Cart
63508-10 Malassez 2 tests/slide 50 slides 135.00 Add to Cart

arrow10 Cellometer™- The Disposable Cell Counting Chamber!!

Cell Counting Made Easy

These Disposable Cell Counters are an enclosed chamber with two ports for sample introduction. The chamber contains precisely spaced lines in a grid pattern. There are two counting chambers per slide for replicates The counting grid pattern is the Improved Neubauer, as in a common Hemacytometer. The consistent pattern design allows the standard cell counting procedure to be followed.

With a pipetor, 15 to 20 microlilter cell-containing sample is introduced into the counting chamber through one of the ports. Liquid spreads inside the chamber, replaces air, which escapes through the opposing port.

The cell counting chamber is placed under a phase contrast optical microscope with a typical magnification of 100. The microscope is focused both onto the grid pattern and the cell particles. Standard protocols are followed for cell counting.

  1. Count the total number of cells found in 4 large corner squares (C_total)
  2. Cell concentration = Dilution x C_total / Volume

Let the Cellometer™ replace your Hemacytometers, which are traditionally used for cell. Counting!!

Benefits of the Cellometer™:

  1. No washing after counting. Extremely important for people whom work with infectious samples.
  2. No need to place the cover slide
  3. Easy sample introduction. By integrating the cover slide into the counting chamber, the Cellometer™ eliminates the mistakes that may be caused by misplacement of the cover slide or misleading of the sample- two major sources for counting errors when using the Hemacytometer.
  4. Made from plastic. Ideal for BioSafety level 3.

Technical Data

Comparisons of Counting Protocols

Step Cellometer™ Hemacytometer
1 Mix cell suspension Mix cell suspension
2 Pipette 15 to 20 microliter into sample port Carefully load with 10 microliter solution
3 Count cells in 4 corner squares (C_total) Count cells in 4 corner squares (C_total)
4 Cell Concentration = Dilution x (C_total / 4.0 ) x10 4 Cell Concentration = Dilution x (C_total / 4.0 ) x10 4
5 Dispose used Cellometer Wash and dry cover slide and base

Description of the experiment:

  1. Cell Type: Human T lymphocyte
  2. Counting Devices: Cellometer™ with glass base (CG2), all plastic Cellometer™ (CP2) and a standard bright line Hemacytometer.
  3. Cell counting performed alternating between Cellometer™ and Hemacytometer.
  4. Statistical data analysis using Two-Sample T test.


  CP2-test 1 CP2-test 2 CG2
# of test (Cellometer™) 15 19 17
# of test (Hemacytometer) 8 17 17
Mean (Cellometer™) 1.78 x 10 5 1.83 x 10 5 1.87 x 10 5
Mean (Hemacytometer) 1.85 x 10 5 1.82 x 10 5 1.82 x 10 5
p-value 0.325 0.908 0.505


  1. Cell counts obtained using Cellometer™ and Hemacytometer  are consistent.
  2. With Cellometer™, sample loading is simple and consistent.
  3. There is no washing and drying after using Cellometer™, which  Eliminates liquid waste and Saves time and effort

Ordering Information:

63561-25 Cellometer™ Disposable Cell Counting Chamber Plastic Base 25/bx 80.00 Add to Cart
63561-100 Cellometer™ Disposable Cell Counting Chamber Plastic Base 100/bx 300.00 Add to Cart

arrow10EMS Specialty Counting Chambers

  • Sedgewick Rafter Cell
  • Howard Cell
  • Makler Chamber
  • Haemocytometry
  • Parasitology, Cytology & Others
  • Chamber Cover Glasses

This range of quality counting chambers are available in a wide range of types for Haemocytometry, Parasitology, Cytology and other applications

Chambers with inside markings have rulings applied using engraving techniques to give a permanent image, clearly visible through the glass without sacrificing light transmission.

Chambers with ruled cover glass have robust image applied using chrome deposition.

arrow10Volume Cell

These are used to create precise volumes of liquid to enable counting of particles in a specified volume of liquid. A thick slide (glass or plastic) has an area cut into its surface that will hold precise volumes of bathing fluid. The shallow well, facilitating easy counting of contained particles. In use, a single drop of liquid is placed on the slide and a coverglass is placed on the platform providing equal and accurate subdivisions of the fluid each of which can be observed for particle counting.

sedgewick rafter and cover glassarrow101. Sedgewick Rafter and Cover Glass - S50, S51, S52

For use in water analysis, culture inspection, and any fluid where particles per unit volume need to be determined. Available in two versions:
S50 is an economically priced plastic cell.
S52 is made from glass, with a chromium surface image. This is intended for professional use and when using phase contrast. In each type, a central cell is filled with fluid and a coverglass limits the volume to 1 milliliter. The grid subdivides this into micro-liters.
S51 is the spare cover glass for S50 and S52. Each cell is supplied with one cover glass.

Pattern Catalog # Description   Price  
S50 68050-50 S50, Sedgewick Rafter, Plastic each 51.00 Add to Cart
S52 68050-52 S52, Sedgewick Rafter, Glass each 250.00 Add to Cart
S51 68050-51 S51, Cover Glass for S50 & S52 each 15.00 Add to Cart

howard cell and cover glassarrow102. Howard

The Howard cell is a glass slide 76mm x 35mm with a central circular island and is used for counting mold fibers and spores in fruit juices, especially from tomatoes. With the K20 coverglass in place a 0.1mm thickness of liquid is contained over the central island. The coverglass has 25 calibrated fields of 1.382mm diameter through which to view the particles. This coverglass removes the necessity of precise adjustment of the microscope and eyepiece graticule in the original Howard method.

Pattern Catalog # Description   Price  
S60 68051-60 Howard Cell for Fruit Juices each 340.00 Add to Cart
K20 68051-20 K20 Calibrated Cover Glass each 100.00 Add to Cart

makler counting chambermakler counting chambersarrow103. Makler

For Rapid Semen Analysis – The Makler counting chamber is only 10 microns deep, which is one tenth the depth of other hemacytometers., making it the shallowest of known chambers. This quality chamber is constructed from two pieces of optically flat glass: the first is the chamber, the second is the cover glass, which has a fine grid pattern of 1mm squares and a center area further subdivided into 0.1mm squares. Four quartz pins of precise height hold the cover glass to give an exact trapped specimen depth of 10 microns.

Catalog Description   Price  
68052-01 Makler Counting Chamber each 1,695.00 Add to Cart

arrow104. Haemocytometry

Pattern Description Application Qty Catalog Number* Price  
Malassez Double Cell 0.2mm Standard French Rule Hemoglobin and Leucocyte Counts each Malassez Double Cell
105.00 Add to Cart
Malassez Single Cell 0.2mm , Standard French Rule Hemoglobin and Leucocyte Counts each Malassez Single Cell
105.00 Add to Cart
Thoma Double Cell 0.1mm Standard German Rule Hemoglobin and Leucocyte Counts each Thoma Double Cell
105.00 Add to Cart
Thoma Single Cell 0.1mm Standard German Rule Hemoglobin and Leucocyte Counts each Thoma Single Cell
105.00 Add to Cart
Neubauer Double Cell 0.1mm Modified Thoma Rule Hemoglobin and Leucocyte Counts each Neubauer Double Cell
105.00 Add to Cart
Neubauer Single Cell 0.1mm Modified Thoma Rule Hemoglobin and Leucocyte Counts each Neubauer Single Cell
105.00 Add to Cart
Improved Neubauer Double Cell 0.1mm, Ruling allows full use central squares Hemoglobin and Leucocyte Counts each Improved Neubauer
105.00 Add to Cart
Burker Double Cell 0.1mm, For counts in bands Hemoglobin and Leucocyte Counts each Burker
105.00 Add to Cart
Agasse-LeFont R Single Cell 0.001mm , Completely Decomal Hemoglobin and Leucocyte Counts each Agasse Lafont R
140.00 Add to Cart

* All complete with case and 1 pair of cover glasses (except the Howard Cell which doesn't include a cover glass and the Sedgewick Rafter which includes one cover glass).

arrow105. Parasitology, Cytology & Others

Pattern Description Application Qty Catalog Number* Price  
Nagoette Double Cell 0.5mm, For Liquids in Poor content Urinary, Cytology, Cephalo-rachidien fluid analysis each Nagoette Double Cell
250.00 Add to Cart
Nagoette Single Cell 0.5mm, For Liquids in Poor content Urinary, Cytology, Cephalo-rachidien fluid analysis each Nagoette Single Cell
110.00 Add to Cart
Lemaur Single Cell 0.4mm, Improved Nateotte with smaller volume Urinary, Cytology, Cephalo-rachidien fluid analysis each Lemaur Single Cell
119.00 Add to Cart
McMaster Double Cell 1.5mm; Worm Egg counting Bacteria each McMaster Double Cell
360.00 Add to Cart
Helber Single Round Cell; 0.02 mm; Slide 1mm thick with Thoma Ruling Bacteria each Helber Single Round Cell
200.00 Add to Cart
Evaluation Single Round Cell; 0.02 mm; Slide 1mm thick without Thoma Ruling Bacteria each 68052-30 440.00 Add to Cart
Agasse-LeFont B Single Cell 0.003mm; Completely Decimal Other each Agasse LeFont B
142.00 Add to Cart

* All complete with case and 1 pair of cover glasses (except the Howard Cell which doesn't include a cover glass and the Sedgewick Rafter which includes one cover glass).

arrow106. Chamber Cover Glasses

Pattern Description Application Qty Catalog Number* Price  
McMaster, Old Cover Glass Parasitology each Old McMaster
80.00 Add to Cart
Cover Glass 24x24 Suitable for all counting chambers 10/pk Cover Glass
60.00 Add to Cart
Cover Glass 30x28 mm Suitable for larger counting chambers 10/pk Cover Glass
75.00 Add to Cart