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PDF DownloadK1050X Plasma Asherarrow14K1050X RF Plasma Asher / K1050XT RF Plasma Etcher/Asher/Cleaner

  • K1050X Plasma Asher
  • K1050X during operation
  • 'rack out' specimen stage
  • during operation - close up
  • rack close up

The K1050X consists of a solid state RF Generator and associated tuning circuits, a vacuum system with a solenoid controlled valve, a constant feed gas supply system, and a reaction chamber system which includes two semicircular electrodes and two piece pyrex chamber. The unit has one gas control as standard.

The solid state RF Generator is a solid state crystal controlled oscillator designed to provide up to 150 watts of continuous wave 13.56 MHz power to the reaction chamber. Maximum power transfer from the power supply to the reaction chamber is accomplished by matching the output impedance of the amplifier to the input impedance of the reaction chamber.

The gas supply system consists of the gas delivery system inside the reaction chamber. This delivery system is a glass tube sealed on the inner end and perforated along its bottom surface. Connections to the delivery tube are fastened with special clips to prevent the possible leakage of contaminants into the chamber.

The K1050X is often used in Asbestos Specimen Preparation as a Low Temperature Ashing Technique.


  • Automatic tuning of RF power.
  • Built-in rotary vacuum pump.
  • Barrel chamber with isotropic etching.
  • Low temperature plasma ashing, etching, and cleaning. (0-150 watts RF)
  • Vacuum monitoring.
  • Dual flow gauge gas control.
  • Accurate process timer.
  • Needle valve vent control.
  • Micro controller, with default settings programmable by the operator.
  • Indication of settings by LCD display of status/entry.
  • Indication of conditions during cycle, vacuum, power, time.
  • Location bay for backing pump filled with special “oil”.
  • Sample carrier for convenient loading.
  • Rack-out drawer loading door for ease of sample access.
  • Polycarbonate safety shield.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between RF plasma etching or ashing and glow discharge?

Glow discharge is an ‘imperfect plasma’ used to alter surface energies to turn hydrophobic (water hating) surfaces hydrophilic (water loving). Glow discharge will also remove adsorbed gases from the chambers of vacuum systems and in doing so improve pump down speed and ultimate vacuum levels.

This is the limit of what glow discharge can do - it will not plasma ‘etch’ or ‘ash’ specimens. RF plasma reactors can alter surface energies, de-gas and remove materials from specimens in a controlled way (etching or ashing).

What is the difference between etching and ashing?

Ashing is the total removal of organic matter using oxygen plasma. Mineral components of the specimen will be left behind as a residue (ash). The byproducts of this process - mainly carbon oxides and water vapor - are pumped away by the vacuum pump. Etching is the controlled removal of layers or part layers of material and is usually confined to semiconductor applications.

How automated is the K1050X?

After initial set up of the operating conditions operation is fully automatic (onebutton operation).


Instrument Case 450mm (W) x 350mm (D) x 300mm (H)
Barrel Work Chamber ‘Pyrex’ 160mm (L) x 110mm (Dia.)
(Borosilicate Glass as standard)
Weight 25Kg
Plasma Output Solid State Power Supply: 0-150 watts continuously variable at 13.56 MHz with Tuning Control of forward and reflected power to optimize RF power transfer
Vacuum Gauge ATM to 1 x 10-5 mbar
Full scale normal 0.5 mbar to 1.0 mbar
Digital Timer Unit Displays elapsed time with range select: 0-99 min. 99 sec. 0-99 hours.
Automatic termination of Ashing Process
Dual Gas Flow Gauge Dual Needle Valve flow control selectable for 1,2 or both gases
Supply 115V 60Hz (6 Amp Max)
230V 50Hz (3 Amp Max)
Services Process Gas at nominal 5 psi (0.33 bar)

CAUTION: For Oxygen or Corrosive Process Gases, Vacuum Pump should use a Synthetic Oil ‘Fomblin Oil’, or similar.

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Technical Data sheet

Plasma Etching and Ashing Principles
Plasma Ashing Applications
Plasma Chemistry
Plasma Chemistry Applied to Electron Microscopy (EM) Preparation Procedures

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