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Electron Microscopy Sciences


arrow13Stirring Rods, Magnetic Bars, and Mixers

Technical Data SheetDownloadable PDFDouble-Sided Adhesive Film for Laboratory Container Mountingarrow12Rocker Tape

Double-Sided Adhesive Film for Laboratory Container Mounting

Convenient - No more fumbling with clamps
Versatile - Use with rockers, shakers, incubators or nutators
Strong - Easily rock and roll up to 300rpm and beyond*
Long Lasting - Re-usable based on load capacity and vessel number
Resistant- Keeps on rockin’ even in the presence of most solvents and caustic agents
* RPM limits may vary based on load and vessel contact area. Test load recommended.

77512-20 Rocker Tape Sheets, 12" x 12" 3/pk 40.00 Add to Cart

arrow12Magnetic Stirring Bars

octagon magnetic stirring bars, PTFE with pivot ring and fleasarrow12Octagon Assortment Box with Micro Spinbars®

Box contains 16 assorted bars; It consists of 12 octagon magnetic stirring bars, "PTFE" with pivot ring and 4 fleas. 2 each: 7mmx2mm, 10mmx3mm, ½"x 5/16", 5/8 "x 5/16", 1"x3/8", 1½"x 3/8", 2"x 3/8", 2½"x 3/8"

64510-16 16 Spin Bar Assortment Box 16/bx 112.00 Add to Cart
arrow12round magnetic PTFE stirring barsRound Assortment Box

22 round magnetic stirring bars. "PTFE" with removable pivot ring on 1" long and over. The box consists of 2 each: ½"x¾", 1"x 5/16", 2"x 3/8", ½"x 5/16", ¾"x 5/16", 1"x 3/8", 1½"x 5/16", 1¾"x 5/16", 2"x 5/16" and 1 each: ¼"x 5/16", ¼"x 3/8", 1½"x3/8", 1¾"x 3/8".

64510-22 22 Spin Bar Assortment, Round 22/bx 206.00 Add to Cart
arrow12Metric Polygon Assortment Box of Magnetic dtir barsMetric Polygon Assortment Box

Polygon stirring bars: "PTFE". Consists of 2 each: 10mmx6mm, 15mmx6mm, 20mmx7mm, 25mmx8mm, 30mmx8mm, 40mmx8mm, 50mmx8mm, 60mmx8mm, 80mmx10mm.

64510-18 18 Polygon Spin Bar Assortment Box 18/bx 129.00 Add to Cart
arrow12color coded octagon magnetic PTFE stirring bars Color Coded Octagon Assortment Box

24 color coded octagon magnetic stirring bars: "PTFE". with pivot ring. Consists of 1 each: Yellow, Red And Blue: 1⁄2"x1⁄8", 5⁄8"x5⁄16", 7⁄8"x5⁄16", 1⁄2"x5⁄16", 1"x5⁄16", 1 1⁄2"x5⁄16", 2"x5⁄16", 3"x1⁄2"

64510-24 24 Color Coded Spin Bar Assortment Box 24/bx 230.00 Add to Cart
arrow12egg-shaped magnetic stirring bars Egg-Shaped Assortment Box

These egg-shaped magnetic stirring bars provide its own pivot point. Designed especially for use in round-bottom vessels. 13 Egg-shaped spin bars, "PTFE". Consists 1 each: 3" x ¾", 2 each: ¾ "x 3/8", 1 "x ½", ¼" x 5/8", 1½" x 5/8 ", 1 5/8 x ¾", 2" x ¾".

64510-13 13 Egg-Shaped Spin Bar Assortment Box 13/bx 187.00 Add to Cart
arrow12SpinPlus magnetic PTFE stirring barsSpinPlus ™ Assortment Box

Add speed and efficiency to your mixing. The "+" shape creates a deep vortex and provides stability to your mixing. 5 SpinPlus magnetic stirring bars, "PTFE". Consists of 1 each: 3/8"x3/8", ¾"x¾", 1"x1",1 ¼"x1¼", 1½"x1½".

64510-05 5 SpinPlus Spin Bar Assortment Box 5/bx 69.00 Add to Cart
Colored Micro Magnetic Spin Bar Assortment Boxarrow12Colored Micro Assortment Box

12 Micro Spin Bar magnetic stirring bars in assorted colors; "PTFE". Consists of 1 each of every color and size: red, yellow and blue: 8mmx1.5mm, 5mmx2mm, 7mmx2mm, 10mmx3mm.

64510-12 12 Colored Micro Spin Bar Assortment Box 12/bx 76.00 Add to Cart

Stirring Rodsarrow12Stirring Rods

Available in two versions: pure "PTFE" solid rod with tapered end and pure "PTFE" with bendable steel core. The version with steel core can be bent into a permanent shape. Rods are inert and will not scratch, use up to 280°C.

EMS # Rod Length Rod OD, mm Qty Price  
"PTFE" with Steel Core Rods
66200-10 100 mm (4") 6 each 10.50 Add to Cart
66200-15 150 mm (6") 6 each 12.50 Add to Cart
66200-20 200 mm (8") 6 each 14.00 Add to Cart
66200-25 250 mm (10") 6 each 15.00 Add to Cart
66200-30 300 mm (12") 6 each 17.00 Add to Cart
66200-35 350 mm (14") 6 each 19.00 Add to Cart
66200-40 400 mm (16") 6 each 22.50 Add to Cart
Solid "PTFE" Rods
66201-10 100 mm (4") 8 each 13.00 Add to Cart
66201-15 150 mm (6") 8 each 13.00 Add to Cart
66201-20 200 mm (8") 8 each 12.00 Add to Cart
66201-25 250 mm (10") 8 each 13.00 Add to Cart
66201-30 300 mm (12") 8 each 14.00 Add to Cart

KOMET Spinbar Stirring Bar arrow12KOMET™ Spinbar® - Stirring Bar

Improved Efficiency

The "PTFE" Komet™ Spinbar® Magnetic Stirring Bar is made from a high-energetic magnetic material. That, combined with its octagonal shape, produce exceptional power although its length is only 50mm (1.969" with a 21mm (.827") diameter. The Samarium-Cobalt magnet is encapsulated in "PTFE". Its eight edges generate strong turbulence so liquids are thoroughly mixed and its stability is not impaired in vessels with curved bottoms. In addition, the risk of demagnetization caused by external magnetic fields is completely eliminated. Komet™ transmits torque loads 2 to 3 times larger than those of conventional stirring bars of this length significantly improving efficiency.

64517-01 Komet™ Spinbar® each 96.00 Add to Cart

Disposable Magnetic Stirring and Mixing Barsarrow12 Disposable Magnetic Stirring and Mixing Bars

These bars are designed for single use applications where efficiency and cross contamination is a concern. These economical bars have a "PTFE" coating which is chemically inert for high purity contact. The magnet is an Alnico V. Packaged 100 pieces/bag.

64521-01 25.4 x 8 mm (1 x 5/16”) 100/pk 163.00 Add to Cart
64521-02 50.8 x 8 mm (2 x 5/16”) 100/pk 272.00 Add to Cart
64521-12 12.7 x 3.2 mm (½” x 1/8”) 100/pk 116.00 Add to Cart
64521-16 41.3 x 8 mm (15/8” x 5/16”) 100/pk 189.00 Add to Cart

Micro Stirring Barsarrow12Micro Stirring Bars

Coated with "PTFE" white resin. For stirring test tubes, micro-beakers, etc…
Packed 12 bars per box.

64515-01 1/16 x 9/16 inches; 1.5x15mm 12/bx 67.00 Add to Cart
64515-04 1/16 x 5/16 inches; 1.5x8mm 12/bx 66.00 Add to Cart
64515-06 3/32 x 1/4 inches; 2x7mm 12/bx 66.00 Add to Cart
64515-08 1/8 x 3/8 inches; 3x10mm 12/bx 72.00 Add to Cart
64515-12 1/8 x ½ inches; 3x12.7mm 12/bx 72.00 Add to Cart

Spinbar  Circulas (Dumbbell-shapedarrow12Spinbar® Circulas™ (Dumbbell-Shaped)

These magnet stirring bars provide strong turbulence at relatively low speeds, offering reduced surface contact and excellent centering characteristics, particularly in vessels with convex bottoms. Ideal for 'problem' liquids, highly viscous mixtures and metal particles in fluid. All sizes have solid PTFE end disks 20 mm (.79”) in diameter. Bar diameter is 8 mm (.315”).

64511-W Circulus™ 32mm (1 1⁄4") long, White each 16.00 Add to Cart
64511-R Circulus™ 32mm (1 1⁄4") long, Red each 16.00 Add to Cart
64511-Y Circulus™ 32mm (1 1⁄4") long, Yellow each 16.00 Add to Cart
64511-B Circulus™ 32mm (1 1⁄4") long, Blue each 16.00 Add to Cart
64512-W Circulus™ 52mm (2") long, White each 17.00 Add to Cart
64512-R Circulus™ 52mm (2") long, Red each 17.00 Add to Cart
64512-Y Circulus™ 52mm (2") long, Yellow each 17.00 Add to Cart
64512-B Circulus™ 52mm (2") long, Blue each 17.00 Add to Cart

technical data sheetSpinbar Magnetic Sink Strainerarrow12Spinbar® Magnetic Sink Strainer

Just drop in place – prevents magnetic stirring rods from going down the sink.

  • Durable and flexible material
  • Four strong magnets included: capture stirring bars before they go down the sink drain
  • Long slits: fluids drain easily and rapidly
  • Wide skirt: can be used with a variety of sink drain
  • Four legs located on the underside: anchors the strainer firmly in the sink drain
  • One size fits most laboratory sinks
64525-B Spinbar Magnetic Sink Strainer, Blue each 32.00 Add to Cart
64525-G Spinbar Magnetic Sink Strainer, Green each 31.00 Add to Cart

SpinBar® Restrainerarrow12SpinBar® Restrainer

Conveniently capture magnetic stirring bars in containers, without contaminating solution being stirred.

  • Eliminate hazard caused with stir bar splashes when decanting mixing vessels
  • Made with easy-to-clean durable polystyrene

The Spinbar® Restrainer fits in one hand. When placed alongside the outer wall of a mixing vessel, it readily attracts and holds the stirring bar in place. As vessel is drained, the stirring bar is securely retrieved from vacant vessel. The Spinbar® Restrainer is molded of easy to clean high impact polystyrene. It contains a powerful magnet that attracts and holds magnetic stirring bars up to 80mm (3") long.

64526 Spinbar® Restrainer each 15.00 Add to Cart

Stirring Bar Retrieverarrow12Stirring Bar Retrievers

Polypropylene Stirring Bar Retrievers: Ideal for use with all stirring bars. The entire retriever is encased in a chemically resistant polypropylene, with a handy ring for hanging when not in use.

"PTFE" Stirring Bar Retriever:A permanent powerful magnet encapsulated in "PTFE" and supplied with flexible "PTFE" cord.

64208-12 Polypropylene Retriever, 12" long each 15.00 Add to Cart
64208-13 PTFE Retriever, 13" long each 32.00 Add to Cart
64208-18 Polypropylene Retriever, 18" long each 17.00 Add to Cart

technical data sheet Microwave Stirrerarrow12Microwave Stirrer

Heat and Magnetically Stir Simultaneously Inside a Microwave Oven

  • Simultaneous heating and stirring– for more consistent mixing and dissolving.
  • Speedy processing of frozen materials– for greater efficiency.
  • Purification of chemical compounds– by preparing super-saturated solutions for re-crystallization.

The Microwave Stirrer magnetically stirs inside a microwave oven by using the oven’s turntable drive spindle as the power source. Many two step-processes can now be combined for increased efficiency and productivity. Use this Microwave Stirrer with virtually any microwave oven containing a rotary turntable.

Overall measurements: 10 7/8” x 10 1/8” x 2 5/8” (276 mm x 257 mm x 67 mm)

72081-01 Microwave Stirrer each 604.00 Add to Cart


Perfect for mixing in test tubes, micro centrifuge tubes and other containers which are too narrow for conventional mixers. The stirring rod will also flare out for use in larger spaces. It comes with a clear vinyl carrying case, 4½"x1/4" stirring rod, and two "AA" batteries. Dimensions (including rod): 8"x¼"x1". Weight: 3 oz.

71849-10 Mini-Mixer each 15.00 Add to Cart
71849-11 Mini-Mixer Stirring Rods 10/pk 10.00 Add to Cart

Wood Stirring Rodsarrow12Wood Stirring Rods

Smooth 8" long hardwood. One end flat for mashing, one end sharply pointed for pin-point stirring.

66205-10 Wood Stirring Rods 100 62.00 Add to Cart

Glass Stirring Rods & Policemanarrow12Glass Stirring Rods & Policeman

Useful tool for all laboratories needs to stir / mix substances. Glass rods are 5mm diameter, and come in three lengths.

Policeman is rubber cover to fit 5mm rods above. The sealed end is cut at an angle to help stir at the bottom of container.

66206-20 Glass Rods, 200 mm Long 12/pk 6.00 Add to Cart
66206-25 Glass Rods, 250 mm Long 12/pk 6.00 Add to Cart
66207-12 Rubber Policeman 12/box 15.00 Add to Cart

Vortex Mixers, Microplate Mixers, and Magnetic Stirrers arrow13arrow13