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Electron Microscopy Sciences


arrow13Gel Box, UI and UV Lamps, Lab Jacks

Training ManualEMS MyGel™ Mini Electrophoresis Systemarrow12EMS MyGel™ Mini Electrophoresis System

EMS MyGel™ Mini Electrophoresis SystemAs easy as 1, 2, 3...
1) Pour MyGel™
Two sizes of gel trays
and combs included

EMS MyGel™ Mini Electrophoresis System
2) Load MyGel™
Contrast strip aids loading

EMS MyGel™ Mini Electrophoresis System
3) Run MyGel™
Just press "Start"

EMS MyGel™ Mini Electrophoresis System
Convenient, snap-in power supply eliminates cables


  • Complete system, includes gel box power supply and casting sets
  • Quick and easy gel casting, no clamps or spacers required
  • Compact design, footprint: 7 x 5.1"

The EMS MyGel™ Mini Electrophoresis System includes all of the equipment that you need to get up and running – gel tank, power supply and two casting sets. Ideal for personal use, small laboratories or the classroom, this gel box/power supply combination is compact and easy to use.

The MyGel™ Mini gel box attaches directly to the power supply for a secure connection everytime. Selectable parameters include 3 preset voltages – 35V, 50V or 100V – and a 99 minute timer. All are set using the membrane keypad.

The safety lid is vented to help dissipate heat generated during electrophoresis, and features a viewing area above the gel. Current will only run through the system when the lid is properly in place on top of the gel box.

Trays and casting stands for both 10.5 x 6 cm and 5 x 6 cm gels are included with the MyGel™ Mini system, as are double-sided combs. The smaller tooth combs are compatible with multichannel pipettes. Casting is quick and easy – just place the tray in the casting stand and pour. The trays feature a dark contrast strip to help visualize wells while loading and lines that fluoresce under UV and blue light to track progress of the run.


Output Voltage 35V, 50V or 100V
Timer 0-99 min. or Continuous
Safety Magnetic and Mechanical Lid Interlock
Max. Buffer Volume 230 ml
Gel Capacity One: 10.5 x 6 cm
Two: 5 x 6 cm
Weight 1 lbs (.45 kg)
Dimensions 7.5 (W) x 5.1 (D) x 2.1 (H)"
19 x 13 x 5.5 cm
Electrical 115V or 230V, 50-60Hz


Ordering Information

87056-01 EMS MyGel™ Mini Electrophoresis System, 115V each 570.00 Add to Cart
87056-02 EMS MyGel™ Mini Electrophoresis System, 230V each 600.00 Add to Cart
87056-03 EMS MyGel™ Mini Starter Kit, 115V. Includes MyGel™ Mini Electrophoresis System, 100g Mini Digital Balance and 100g of Agarose LE each 625.00 Add to Cart
87056-04 EMS MyGel™ Mini Starter Kit, 230V. Includes MyGel™ Mini Electrophoresis System, Mini Digital Balance 100g and 100g of Agarose LE each 650.00 Add to Cart
87056-05 Extra Casting Set (1) for 10.5 x 6 cm gels, includes two trays and two combs (22*/12 teeth) each 44.00 Add to Cart
87056-06 Double sided combs, 22*/12 teeth, for Casting Set (1), 2/pk each 10.00 Add to Cart
87056-07 Extra Casting set (2) for 5 x 6 cm gels, includes four trays and two combs (18*/10 teeth) each 69.00 Add to Cart
87056-08 Double sided combs, 18*/10 teeth, for Casting Set (2), 2/pk each 11.00 Add to Cart
* Multichannel pipette compatible

Training Manualmsdsarrow12EMS SmartBlue™ Blue Light TransilluminatorEMS SmartBlue™ Blue Light Transilluminator

EMS SmartBlue™ Blue Light Transilluminator
Amber cover raised
for easy gel access

EMS SmartBlue™ Blue Light Transilluminator
Samples stained with
SmartGlow™ Loading Dye


  • Blue light, safe for nucleic acids
  • Uniform illumination (UI Technology)
  • Optimal wavelength (465 nm) for green stains
  • Easily removable, two-position amber shield
  • Can be used with SmartDoc™ for gel imaging with a smart phone
Safer samples, safer for you

New fluorophors have been developed to replace the traditional method of nucleic acid detection with toxic ethidium bromide. They also eliminate the use of DNA damaging UV light, as they are visualized with blue light. The SmartBlue™ Transilluminator is the perfect partner for these new stains. It emits blue light at a wavelength of 465 nm, perfect for excitation of most green fluorophors, as well as many protein stains. Exposing DNA to this wavelength does not cause damage and results in a much higher down stream cloning efficiency as compared to even short UV light exposures. In addition, the blue light is not damaging to the skin and eyes.

Two-position filter cover

The SmartBlue™ Transilluminator requires no special shielding; however, the light does need to be filtered for visualization of the dyes. The amber cover, which rests above the viewing surface and gel, filters out the blue light, allowing the bands to be seen clearly. The cover can be placed at a 60° angle to provide easy access to the gel for band excision. For documentation, the filter cover is easily removed completely.

UI Technology: bright and clear images

Engineered diffusers and filters provide an extremely evenly lit viewing surface. Even in ambient light, bands of DNA can clearly be seen in gels. Images obtained using the SmartBlue™ Transilluminator are brighter and more balanced than those obtained using epi-illiminators which light from the sides.

Reliable, durable and long lasting

An array of super bright LEDs with a long, 30,000 hour service life provide the light source for the SmartBlue™ Transilluminator. Unlike those in a UV Transilluminator, the filters in the SmartBlue™ will not solarize and degrade in performance over time. Gel bands can be excised directly on the scratch resistant, glass viewing surface. To save energy, the power switch includes an automatic 5 minute shutoff.


Light Source High intensity LEDs
Filter Cover Amber
Wavelength Peak at 465 nm
Viewing Surface 6.6 x 4.75" / 17 x 12 cm
Dimensions Exterior 12.8 (W) x 8.5 (D) x 1.9 (H)" / 30.5 x 21.5 x 5 cm
Capacity 65L or 2.3 cubic feet
Weight 2.6 lbs (1.2 kg)
Electrical 100-240V, 50-60Hz
Warranty 2 years

Ordering Information

87058-01 EMS SmartBlue™ Transilluminator each 595.00 Add to Cart
87058-02 EMS SmartBlue™ Transilluminator, 230V each 595.00 Add to Cart
87058-03 SmartBlue™ Replacement Amber Cover each 40.00 Add to Cart
87058-04 SmartGlow™ Loading Dye, 1.0 ml each 112.00 Add to Cart
87058-05 SmartGlow™ Safe Green Pre-Stain, 1.0 ml each 112.00 Add to Cart

Training ManualEMS SmartBlue™ Blue Light Transilluminatorarrow12EMS SmartDoc™ 2.0


  • Compatible with all smart phones: iPhone, Samsung, LG, HTC and more
  • Instantly share images (text, email or cloud)
  • Adjustable focal distance (for optimum focus)
  • Works with UV & Blue Light Transilluminators
  • Filter for different stain and light sources
  • Blocks ambient light for quality gel images
Use your smart phone or tablet for high quality imaging

The SmartDoc™ system is ideal for quickly obtaining quality images of your gels for your records or anaylsis. Most gel imaging systems cost thousands of dollars as they include a high resolution camera, color display, complicated control panel, computer and more. The SmartDoc™ uses the camera and computer that we already have... our smart phone.

To use the SmartDoc™, simply place the enclosure over your gel and transilluminator. Lay your smart phone or tablet onto the non-slip, rubber pad, and align the camera lens over the filter. Raising and lowering the platform allows optimization of focus and image size. Filters are available for compatibility with multiple light sources and dyes.

The Blue Light model includes high intensity blue LEDs to excite green dyes. This eliminates the need for hazardous and DNA-damaging UV light.

The SmartDoc™ imaging enclosure includes an orange photo filter for photography of the gels with a smart phone. An extending adapter can be inserted for full dimension imaging of gels up to 15 x 15 cm or removed for close up pictures. The enclosure can also be used directly on any other existing UV or blue light transilluminator. Additional filters are available for imaging gels on a UV transilluminator.

The illumination base emits an intense blue light with a peak output of 460 nm for optimum excitation of nucleic acids stained with green fluorescent dyes (SYBR® Green, SmartGlow™, GelStar™, GelGreen™, etc). The orange cover fits on top of the illumination base and acts as a filter to absorb blue light, allowing visualization of the fluorescing samples. The cover can also be set at an angle for gel access and cutting out DNA bands for further study.

Images can be previewed on the device's display before capturing the picture. Images are easily shared, printed or transferred via text message, email or cloud sharing apps.

When using the SmartDoc enclosure on transilluminators with a large illuminating surface (exceeding 19 x 19 cm), use the UV Blocking MAT to block light around the edge.


Maximum Gel Size 15 x 15 cm
Excitation Source 23 high intesity blue LEDs and blue filters
Orange Photo Filter Orange PMMA, 12 mm aperture
Orange Viewing Cover Orange PMMA, 18 x 18 cm
Dimensions (W x D x H) 23 x 19 x 22 cm
Weight 0.9 kg
Phone Compatibility iPhone, Samsung, LG, HTC Smartphones and Tablets with cameras
Electrical 12V Power Supply Included; Specify if EU plug needed

EMS SmartDoc™

Ordering Information

87057-01 EMS SmartDoc™ 2.0 Gel Imaging Enclosure each 425.00 Add to Cart
87057-02 EMS SmartDoc™ 2.0 Gel Imaging System with Blue Light Illumination, 115V each 725.00 Add to Cart
87057-03 EMS SmartDoc™ 2.0 Gel Imaging System with Blue Light Illumination, 230V each 725.00 Add to Cart
87057-04 UV Blocking Mat each 44.00 Add to Cart
87057-05 535nm Band Pass Filter for Green Stains each 122.00 Add to Cart
87057-06 590nm Band Pass Filter for EtBr each 122.00 Add to Cart

technical data sheetHigh-Intensity UV Lamp and UV gogglesarrow12High-Intensity UV Lamp

These UV Lamps are designed to provide a beam of 365 nm wave with an average 7000uW/cm2 at 15" (38.2 cm). Its powerful 100-watt light source fluoresces fine particles and hard to see surface defects. The lifetime of the light bulb is 2,000 hours. At 18" (45.7 cm), this lamp produces a highly intense center of UV irradiance about 5" (12.5 cm) in diameter. This offers the microscopist a quality tool in staining and polymerization as well as many other uses that are related to UV lights in EM labs. The lamp head rotates a full 3600, and is mounted into a removable pistol grip handle, which inserts firmly into the transformer base (as a stand); it weighs only 2½ lbs. It comes with a 5" (12.5 cm) diameter black light filter which is recessed in the head. If more details are needed in order to study the subject, a second filter is available as an option that reduces the visible light. Powered by 115V, 60Hz, total cord length is 15 ft. (4.57 m).

72414 Hi-Intensity UV Lamp, 115V each 803.00 Add to Cart
72415 Hi-Intensity UV Lamp, 220V each 859.00 Add to Cart
72416 Hi-Intensity UV Filter each 67.00 Add to Cart
72417 Hi-Intensity UV Bulb each 81.00 Add to Cart
72420 UV Safety Spectacles each 28.00 Add to Cart

Training ManualLow Intensity UV Lamp and UV lamp standarrow12Low Intensity UV Lamp

This 6-watt UV lamp meets most laboratory requirements; such as, bacterial identification, fluorchemistry, specimen staining, titration processes, photochemical reactions, aflatoxin detection, and curing UV cements. Constructed from Cyolac® plastic, with a longwave emission of 365 nm and an intensity at 6" (15.2 cm) of 750 µm/cm2. The bulb has a rated life of 6,000 hours. It can be used as a hand-held light or it may br mounted on a optional stand. Powered by 110V/60Hz or 220V/50Hz.

72422 Low-Intensity UV Lamp, 110V each 246.00 Add to Cart
72423 Low-Intensity UV Lamp, 220V each 248.00 Add to Cart
72424 Low-Intensity UV Lamp Stand each 149.00 Add to Cart
72425 Replacement Low-Intensity Bulb each 26.00 Add to Cart

Laboratory Jacksarrow12Laboratory Jacks – LabJack

This LabJack provides stable height adjustment and support for items in the lab such as flasks, baths or hot plate stirrers. Top and bottom plates are constructed of anodized aluminum while the support mechanism is made of chrome plated steel.


Cat# Plate WxL Vertical Lift    
63225-24 6 x 6 in 7 in each 275.00 Add to Cart

Safety Accessories and Supplies arrow13arrow13