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arrow13Embedding Media

msdsHigh-quality paraffinarrow12Tissue-Tek® VIP® Paraffin

Sakura Finetek - High-quality paraffin for processing and embedding.

Quality prepared wax - allows optimal sample preparation.

  • Allows reduced compression in sections as thin as 2µ
  • Melts at 56°C to protect samples from excessive heat
  • Will not discolor or produce resin precipitate
  • Small pellets for rapid melting in tissue processors/embedding centers
  • Leaves no plasticizer residue to clog paraffin lines


Medium Composition: Purified paraffin and synthetic resin blend
Applications: Processing/Embedding
Additives: None
Melting Point: 56°C
High Temperature Stability: 65°C
Solid Product Range: Pellets
Sectioning Range: Down to 2µ
Not for sale overseas
Catalog # Tissue-Tek Description Pack Price  
62580-01 4005 VIP® Paraffin 1 kg 20.00 Add to cart
62580-08 4005 VIP® Paraffin 8 x 1 kg 154.00 Add to Cart

msdsmsdsParamat and Paramat Extra arrow12Paramat and Paramat Extra

Paramat is the original British blend of paraffin wax and plastic polymers and it has been used in histology labs throughout the world for over 20 years. It has been found that when plastic polymers are added to the paraffin the elasticity of the final block is greater as compared with paraffin alone. As well the mixture offers improved tissue penetration, easier ribboning of sections, reduced tendency to crumble, and improved overall results with fibrous tissue.

A recent development to Paramat is the addition of a very small amount of dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) which produces PARAMAT EXTRA. This formulation offers additional advantages, such as faster penetration of the tissue with a more homogeneous matrix to support the specimen.

Technical Information

  • Appearance: Milky-white, pastilles
  • Crystalline Structure under the microscope: Needles & Platelets
  • Effect of heating (@60°C/100g): Clear melt within max. 16 hrs
  • Solubility in Xylene (@20°C/1g in 50 ml): Clear solution within max. 16 hrs
  • Cutting results for 4*m sections: Over 75% usable single; over 65% usable serial
  • Solubility in Xylene (section): Max. 45 sec
  • Melting Point: 56-58°C
  • Solidification Point: 58-56°C
  • Tears and Vascuoles: None
  • Adhesion of sections Very good; protein, to microscope slides: glycerol etc. is not required to hold the section in place
  • Free acid content: Max. 0.01%
  • Block Structure: No mottling, no shrinking
  • Block Solidification (room Temperature): About 2 hrs
  • DMSO content (Paramat Extra-only): Less than 0.1%
RT 19286-01 Paramat 1 kg 31.00 Add to Cart
RT 19286-10 Paramat 10 kg 283.00 Add to Cart
RT 19287-01 Paramat Extra 1 kg 27.00 Add to Cart
RT 19287-10 Paramat Extra 10 kg 242.00 Add to Cart

arrow12Paraplast Embedding Medium

msdsarrow10Paraplast X-tra

Handy pellet form melts rapidly. Melting Point 53-54°C. Cuts to 2 micron thickness with exceptional ribbon continuity. Extra compression resistance provides total support of tissues

RT 19214 Paraplast X-tra 1 kg 26.00 Add to Cart
RT 19215 Paraplast X-tra 8 kg 170.00 Add to Cart
msdsarrow10Paraplast Plus

Reduces infiltration time by one-third. Cuts to 2 micron thickness with excellent ribbon continuity. Convenient pellet form melts rapidly. Melting point 56°C. Double filtered. No need for filtration before use.

RT 19216 Paraplast Plus 1 kg 24.00 Add to Cart
RT 19217 Paraplast Plus 8 kg 152.00 Add to Cart
msdsarrow10Paraplast Medium

Handy pellet form melts rapidly. Melting Point 56°C
Cuts to 4 micron thickness with excellent ribbon continuity - no Crumbling or cracking.
Double filtered. No need for filtration before use.

RT 19218 Paraplast Medium 1 kg 23.00 Add to Cart
RT 19219 Paraplast Medium 8 kg 129.00 Add to Cart

Peel Away Paraffinarrow12Paraffin Wax, ParaPro Blue™

A specialized wax which consists of light blue pellets used specifically for small biopsy specimens, as well as for general use with all other tissues.

The ParaPro Blue offers better visualization of the tissue and allows for sectioning as low as 3µm thick. The melting point of the wax is 56°C and offers perfect ribbon continuity.

RT 19310-01 Paraffin Wax, ParaPro Blue 1kg 14.00 Add to Cart
RT 19310-02 Paraffin Wax, ParaPro Blue 8kg/cs 84.00 Add to Cart

msdsPeel Away Paraffinarrow12Peel Away Paraffin Embedding Wax

A New low melting point polymer paraffin is introduced in the Peel-AWay line for routine Histology work.

  • This new paraffin formulation is more translucent and allows for small dermatological and biopsy specimens to be seen and sectioned easier
  • Its lower polymer content is easier to remove with all cleaning agents. (deparaffinization)
  • Its lower viscosity allows for complete infiltration using routine times established for most tissue processors

These new paraffins are sold in 2.5 kg lined paper and re-closable with a clip bag, and 4 bags per case.

RT 19302 Melting Point 56-58°C 10 kg/cs 140.00 Add to Cart
RT 19302-01 Melting Point 56-58°C 2.5kg 37.50 Add to Cart
RT 19304 Melting Point 62-64°C 10 kg/cs 135.00 Add to Cart
RT 19304-01 Melting Point 62-64°C 2.5kg 37.00 Add to Cart

msdsPolyester Waxarrow12Polyester Wax

Asynthetic polyester wax with a verylow melting point (37°C). Invented by Dr. H.F. Steedman, as a ribboning embedding medium. Its main advantage over paraffin and ester waxes is its low melting point, which reduces tissue hardening, shrinkage, and eliminates the need for infiltration ovens.

The wax is soluble in most organic solvents, including alcohol, ethers, esters, ketones and hydrocarbons. The wax is water tolerant, almost opaque, and sections easily. No electrification of ribbons occurs during sectioning. Sections of 2 microns and more may be cut at room temperatures between 10 and 22°C. It is advantageous to keep the wax in its solid state prior to use.

RT 19312 Polyester Wax 500g 165.00 Add to Cart

arrow12Polyethylene Glycol

H(OCH2CH2)nOH CAS #25322-68-3
An embedding medium for microscopy and histochemistry.

  Cat. # Polyethylene Glycol Avg.
Range, °C 
Pack Price  
RT 19700 PEG 200 viscous liquid
set to glass <-65 450 ml 50.00 Add to Cart
RT 19710 PEG 300 viscous liquid
-15 to -84 450 ml 26.00 Add to Cart
RT 19720 PEG 400 viscous liquid
4 to 8 450 ml 32.00 Add to Cart
RT 19730 PEG 600 viscous liquid
20 to 25 450 ml 40.00 Add to Cart
RT 19740 PEG 1000 Waxy

37 to 40 1 kilo 66.00 Add to Cart
RT 19750 PEG 1450 Waxy

43 to 46 1 kilo 92.00 Add to Cart
RT 19760 PEG 3350 Waxy

54 to 58 1 kilo 92.00 Add to Cart
RT 19770 PEG 8000 Flakes

60 to 63 1 kilo 92.00 Add to Cart

Gao, K.X., (1993). Polyethylene Glycol as an Embedment for Microscopy and Histochemistry. CRC Press; ISBN# 0-8493-4323-2.


Polyfin is a mixture of highly refined paraffins and co-polymer alloys in a convenient wax pellet. This unique formulation provides optimal tissue support while maintaining exceptional clarity. Our Polyfin™ has been institutionally tested and found to function flawlessly in pressure/vacuum fluid flow processors. Its low melting point (55°C) eliminates any tissue distortion caused by excessive heat during processing. In a recent study conducted by a Medical Center Histologist, monitored by a CPA firm using standard blind protocols, POLYFIN™ clearly demonstrated the least compression of seven popular paraffins.

RT 19280-01 Polyfin™ Embedding Medium 1 kilo 23.00 Add to Cart
RT 19280-08 Polyfin™ Embedding Medium 8 x1 kilo 153.00 Add to Cart
RT 19280-15 Polyfin™ Embedding Medium 15 kilo 256.00 Add to Cart

msdsarrow12PolyShield® Paraffin Repellant/Remover

PolyShield® is a liquid paraffin repellent used as a protective coating on laboratory surfaces that are exposed to paraffin residue.

PolyShield® can also be used to clean paraffin that has adhered to lab countertops and equipment.

Comes in a 120 ml spray bottle.

RT 64141 PolyShield® 6/pk 197.00 Add to Cart


A paraffin repellent for countertops as well as equipment. Just spray and wipe away. No more paraffin build up around your work area. ParaGard™ is a pleasant smelling, non-toxic spray which is safe for use on metal, wood, and plastic surfaces. Comes in a 4 oz. pump bottle.

RT 64140-01 Para/Gard™ 4 oz. 32.00 Add to Cart
RT 64140-06 Para/Gard™ 6 x 4 oz./cs 175.00 Add to Cart

Tissue Freezing Mediumtissue freezing mediumarrow12Tissue Freezing Medium; TFM™

An embedding matrix for frozen sections. TFM™ is an ultra pure formulation of water-soluble glycols and resins that provides a solid bond between the tissue and the object holder with the following features:

  • Less Ice Artifacts: TFM's reduced water content minimizes freeze-fracturing
  • Less Curling: TFM™ allows you to pick up flat serial sections with ease
  • Freezes Faster: TFM™ freezes very fast and offers better turn-around time
  • Completely water soluble: TFM™ reduces tissue dislodging
  • Now available in 5 colors: clear, yellow green, red and blue
RT 72592 Tissue Freezing Medium, clear msds 4 oz 30.00 Add to Cart
RT 72593 Tissue Freezing Medium, clear 12 x 4 oz 333.00 Add to Cart
RT 72592-Y Tissue Freezing Medium, Yellow msds 4 oz 30.00 Add to Cart
RT 72593-Y Tissue Freezing Medium, Yellow 4 x 4 oz 120.00 Add to Cart
RT 72592-G Tissue Freezing Medium, Green msds 4 oz 30.00 Add to Cart
RT 72593-G Tissue Freezing Medium, Green 4 x 4 oz 120.00 Add to Cart
RT 72592-R Tissue Freezing Medium, Red msds 4 oz 30.00 Add to Cart
RT 72593-R Tissue Freezing Medium, Red 4 x 4 oz 120.00 Add to Cart
RT 72592-B Tissue Freezing Medium, Blue msds 4 oz 30.00 Add to Cart
RT 72593-B Tissue Freezing Medium, Blue 4 x 4 oz 120.00 Add to Cart

msdsTissue Freezing MediumO.C.T. Compoundarrow12Tissue-Tek® O.C.T. Compound

Sakura Finetek - This is a well known water soluble glycol's and resins compound that provides an excellent specimen matrix for cryostat sectioning at temperatures of -10°C and below. It leaves no residue during the staining procedure.

Not for sale overseas
Catalog # Tissue-Tek Description Pack Price  
62550-01 4583 O.C.T. Compound 4 oz 14.50 Add to Cart
62550-12 4583 O.C.T. Compound 12/cs 165.00 Add to Cart

PolarStat Plus™arrow12PolarStat Plus™ Embedding Medium for Frozen Sections

This formulation is especially well suited for Mohs cryostat sectioning. It freezes at optimum cutting temperatures of -10°C and below. No residue is left on slides during the staining procedure, thereby eliminating undesirable background staining.

19221-01 PolarStat Plus™ Embedding Medium for Frozen Sections each 13.50 Add to Cart
19221 PolarStat Plus™ Embedding Medium for Frozen Sections 12/pk 130.00 Add to Cart

msdsPolarstat™ Embedding Mediumarrow12Polarstat™ Embedding Medium

An aqueous-based frozen section embedding medium designed to support tissue blocks in cryostat sectioning. Formulated to promote rapid freezing, enhanced sectioning and consistent results at a working temperature of -20°C.

4 oz.

19222 Polarstat™ Embedding Medium each 12.00 Add to Cart


Cytology fixative spray designed for slide based cytology specimens for cellular preservation and transport.

Quickly spray a fine mist over the slide (covering the entire specimen) for cellular fixation and reduce air drying of the material.

CytoFix forms a thin, tough, clear protective coating over the specimen with a water and alcohol solution of Polyethylene glycol for cellular fixation and does not require rehydration by the laboratory prior to staining. Allows safe storing or transporting of slides.

Allow specimens to dry before sending to lab or for storage.

  • Dries in 4 to 6 minutes
  • Water soluble
  • Won't cloud or obscure specimen
  • Contains no chlorofluorocarbons

Available in pump bottle or aerosol can.

22805-01 CytoFix (Non-Aerosol) 100 ml 14.50 Add to Cart
22805-02 CytoFix Can 4 oz 14.50 Add to Cart

msdsCryo-Gel Water-Soluble Embedding Medium cryogenic-gelarrow12Cryogenic-Gel

  • It replaces the messy "runny" embedding media
  • It's easy to use
  • Sticks to where you want it
  • Will not run – No waste

This gel is highly viscous, water-soluble embedding medium for frozen sections that "stays put". The gel is packaged in a pump-dispenser bottle that instantly dispenses the gel in any desired position. The dispenser has a built-in "guillotine" that cleanly severs the gel from the pump spout and prevents any "stringy" medium from pulling away when the bottle is removed. Simply dispense gel on a room temperature block-holder. Use cold heat extractor to form a base layer. Dispense additional gel. Place the tissue on top of gel. Use cold heat extractor to freeze tissue and form block.

62806-01 Cryo-Gel™ 4.3 oz each 21.00 Add to Cart
62806-06 Cryo-Gel™ 4.3 oz 6/cs 213.00 Add to Cart

msdsHistocryl Resin Lowicryl Resinarrow12Histocryl Resin

Histocryl acrylic resin has been specially formulated for light microscopy. It is water clear, and because it is hydrophilic (polar) it permits the use of most routine staining techniques without priorremoval or etching.

RT 14390 Kit consists of:
500 ml Histocryl Resin
50g Histocryl Catalyst (B.P.)
10 ml Histocryl Accelerator
kit 198.00 Add to Cart

GMA, Water Solublearrow12GMA, Water Soluble

Glycol Methacrylate embedding medium provides excellent preservation (especially enzymatic autoradiographic studies). Good for E.M., L.M., and Histo. Leduc. & Bernard, (1967)
J. Ultrastr. Res., 4, 196-99.

RT 14200 GMA Embedding Kit consists of: kit 54.00 Add to Cart
450 ml Glycol methacrylate, GMA msds
225 ml n-Butyl methacrylate msds
15g Benzoyl Peroxide Paste msds

msdsGMA PEGarrow12GMA-PEG

Polyethylene Glycol - Glycol methacrylate mixture. A water miscible embedding medium for cytochemical studies and enzyme localization when light and electron microscopy need to be correlated.
Spaur, R.C. & Moriarty, G., (1977) J Histochem. Cytochem., 23:16

RT 14250 GMA-PEG Embedding Kit consists of: kit 54.00 Add to Cart
450 ml Glycol methacrylate, GMA msds
225 ml n-Butyl methacrylate msds
50 ml Ethylene glycol dimethacrylate msds
20 ml Polyethylene Glycol 400 msds
15g Benzoyl Peroxide Paste msds

arrow12JB-4™ Embedding Kit

A water soluble embedding media which is based on Glycol Methacrylate (GMA) plastic embedding. It is intended for use in preparing samples for high resolution microscopes (HRLM). The catalyzed monomer acts as a dehydration and infiltration agent; therefore, complete dehydration through 100% ethanol is not necessary (although recommended for large or dense tissues). Conventional paraffin sections have a greater degree of shrinkage and produce inadequate morphology when compared to JB-4.


  • Thin sections (.5-2.0 micron) with excellent morphological structure preservation
  • Water-clear blocks; casts in 90 minutes max. at room temp
  • Good lipid and enzyme retention when processing at low temperatures (4°C)
  • Removal of JB-4 resin prior to staining is not necessary
  • Clearing agents such as xylene and chloroform are not needed
  • Higher clarity and contrast than with paraffin sections
  • Easy processing of difficult specimens such as calcified bone and delicate embryonic tissue
  • It produces harder blocks which is ideal for dense samples, such as bone


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RT 14270-00 JB-4 Kit Consists of:
800 ml Solution A
30 ml Solution B
12 g Catalyst
  kit 402.00 Add to Cart
RT 14270-01 JB-4 Solution A only msds 800 ml 315.00 Add to Cart
RT 14270-04 JB-4 Solution B only msds 30 ml 49.50 Add to Cart
RT 14270-06 JB-4 Catalyst msds 12 g 49.00 Add to Cart

JB-4 PlusJB-4 Plusarrow12JB-4 Plus™ Embedding Kit

JB-4 Plus offers all of the same features as JB-4 except it produces less of an exothermic reaction than JB4 which is good for temperature sensitive tissues.

RT 14272-00 JB-4 Plus Kit Consists
500 ml Solution A
15 ml Solution B
8 g Benzoyl Peroxide Catalyst
  kit 296.00 Add to Cart
RT 14272-01 JB-4 Plus Solution A only msds 500 ml 214.00 Add to Cart
RT 14272-04 JB-4 Plus Solution B only msds 15 ml 64.00 Add to Cart
RT 14272-06 JB-4 Plus Catalyst msds 8 g 45.00 Add to Cart

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