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arrow13Diagnostics Gold Nanoparticles

Clean, clear, reproducible, and reliable results.

Aurion Diagnostics Gold Nanoparticles are now available for the fields of Diagnostics and Diagnostics Development.

Aurion offers its expertise in gold nanoparticle production, gold nanoparticle conjugations, and the development of immunodetection procedures with special focus on sensitivity and specificity.

Diagnostics Gold Nanoparticlesarrow12Diagnostics Gold Nanoparticles- Gold Sols

Aurion Diagnostics Gold Nanoparticles – Gold Sols – are prepared according to unique production protocols. This provides for sol particles with a narrow size distribution and optimal adsorption properties. A narrow size distribution minimizes variation in your immuno assay and warrants low background levels.

Aurion Diagnostics Gold Nanoparticles–Gold Sols (solutions of high quality unconjugated gold nanoparticles) have a uniform size and highly adsorptive surface. Aurion Diagnostics Gold Sols provide opportunities for users to prepare conjugates with primary antibodies, ligands, and other binding agents via adsorption or covalent binding after functionalization. The gold sols are available in the size ranges 20 nm and 40 nm, 40 nm being the diameter used in 90% of the lateral flow immunoassays. The smaller diameter for those colorimetric assays were a higher labeling density, the number of gold nanoparticles per amount of antigen, is more important, e.g., in "on-chip" detection.

20 nm and 40 nm nanoparticles
  • Ready-to-use for conjugation via adsorption
  • Can be functionalized with thiolated molecules
  • Available in gold nanoparticle sizes 20 nm and 40 nm
  • Monodisperse particle population with a coefficient of variance <12%
  • Supplied at optical density = 1
  • Stability is guaranteed for 1 year after production

Product Description
Aurion Diagnostics Gold Sols are prepared according to a unique protocol, warranting narrow size distribution and reproducible adsorption characteristics.

Typically, the coefficient of variance is less than 12%. Package sizes: 100 ml or 1000 ml of high quality gold sol at an OD = 1 (20 nm OD 520nm = 1, 40 nm OD 530nm = 1). For larger volumes please inquire.

Gold sols have a guaranteed shelf life of 12 months from the date of quality control analysis. The products should be stored at 4-8°C. Freezing is not recommended.

Application Instructions
Detailed instructions for conjugate preparation and evaluation are provided in the package inserts.

Ordering Information

Temp. Description Cat. # ml Price  
4-8°C Diagnostics Gold Nanoparticles, 20 nm 25950 100 230.00 Add to Cart
4-8°C Diagnostics Gold Nanoparticles, 20 nm 25951 1000 1610.00 Add to Cart
4-8°C Diagnostics Gold Nanoparticles, 40 nm 25952 100 230.00 Add to Cart
4-8°C Diagnostics Gold Nanoparticles, 40 nm 25953 1000 1610.00 Add to Cart

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