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arrow13Filing Systems and Storage

slide storage file boxarrow12Slide/Cassette Filing System

Our moisture resistant, plastic coated corrugated boxes interlock to stack ten high, each supporting up to 500 lbs of over-head cassettes and slide weight. Each box holds 2000 slides or 500 tissue blocks or 1,000 35mm slides to meet your varied storage requirements. Overall measurement: 11½" (L) x 12"(W) x 4"(D) (260x305x102mm).

The storage file has eight drawers.

63280-20 Slide/Cassette Storage File Box 10/cs 262.00 Add to Cart

Tissue File Cases arrow12Tissue File Cases

A histological embedment block cataloging and storage system. This file system incorporates the necessary features offering embedment block protection, simplified cataloging, reduction of filing error and facilitation of retrieval. All of this while conserving space and being very affordable.

The tissue files come with 100 partitioned compartments arranged 10 deep and 10 across. By removing alternating partitions, each compartment can be doubled or quadrupled in size. For other storage needs, the partitions may also be removed.

For cataloging, each compartment is numerically indexed on a permanent chart inside the lid which also provides space for detailed information.

Tissue files are made from solid fiberboard with a protective, attractive, scuff-resistant exterior green covering. Its hinged lid lifts open and with a cloth stay support the lid can be kept in the open position.

Tissue File Specifications:

  • Embedment Block Capacity: 100 to 1000 per tissue file.
  • Compartments: 100 of 1½"x 1 x2 ¼" (38x25x57mm)
  • Compartment Arrangement: 10 across x 10 deep
  • Dimensions:
    Outside: 15 ¼" x 10½" x 2 3/8" (387x267x60mm)
    Inside: 14 7/8 "x 9 7/8" x 2¼" (378x251x57mm)
  • Approximate Shipping Weight: 2 lbs. (0.9Kg)
63286-01 Tissue File Case each 62.00 Add to Cart
63286-06 Tissue File Case 6/pk 360.00 Add to Cart
63286-10 Tissue File Case 12/pk 710.00 Add to Cart

Micro Slide Files arrow12Micro Slide Files

A prepared Microscope Slide Cataloging and Storage System. The slide files contain 48 partitioned compartments which will hold an estimated 10 of 1x3" glass slides per cell (480 slides per case) or 10 of 3x2" slides per cell (240 slides per case) by removing two alternate long partitions. A 3/8" (100mm) cushioning space surrounding the partitioned compartment serves as a protective barrier against damage to the stored slides. For other storage needs, all or alternate partitions are removed for conversion to larger size compartments.

For cataloging and slide retrieval, each compartment is numerically indexed to a permanent chart on the underside of the lid which also provides space for information. The files are constructed from solid fiberboard with a protective and attractive, scuff-resistant green exterior. The reinforced hinged lid conveniently lifts open with a cloth stay support and keeps the lid in the open position for easy slide filing and retrieval.

Slide File Specifications:

  • Microscope Slide Capacity: 480 25x75mm (1 x 3") or 240 76x51mm (3 x 2") slides per Slide File
  • Compartments: 48 2.9x1.6x7.6cm (1 1/8 x 5/8 x 3")
  • Compartment Arrangement: 4 across x 12 deep - Partitions are removable to enlarge each cell.
  • Dimensions: Outside: 24.1 x 15.2 x 8.3cm (9½ x 6 x 3¼")
    Inside: 23 x 14.1 x 7.8cm (9 1/16 x 5 1/16 x 3 1/16")
  • Approximate Shipping Weight:
    0.45kg (1 lb) per unit
63282-01 Slide File Case each 70.00 Add to Cart
63282-06 Slide File Case 6/pk 388.00 Add to Cart
63282-12 Slide File Case 12/pk 765.00 Add to Cart

HistoPrep Modular File Drawers arrow12HistoPrep Modular File Drawers

Individually, self-contained, stackable drawers. They hold approximately 250 Histo-cassettes or embedding rings. Supplied in economical two-drawer packages with interlocking ridges on the top and the bottom for easy stacking of as many cabinets as you want. Each drawer is encased in a rugged, high impact plastic sleeve, so your cassettes are completely enclosed and protected. They come with color decals which allow you to organize each by function. Cassettes are not included.

The unit measures: 15¾"(L)x9"(W)x2"(H) (40x23x5cm).

63284 HistoPrep Modular File Drawers 2/pk 77.00 Add to Cart
Space Saver Steel File Cabinet System

arrow11Space Saver - Steel File Cabinet System

arrow111. Slide Cabinet System
  • Store up to 54,000 slides in only 2 square feet of floor space
  • Low cost slide storage
  • Ideal for use in Pathology, Cytology, Hematology, Histology, Dermatology, Research, Education
  • Sturdy - Built to last using reinforced, 20 gauge steel
  • Easy to slide drawers

Our newly introduced cabinets for filing 3x1" slides is the most effective system available to the ever-growing problem of slide storage and retrieval.

They are compact, sturdy and economical!!!

The cabinets are stackable (upto 12) and are secured by interlocks. The base (order separately) lifts the cabinets 4¾" off the floor. All units are constructed from heavy gauge reinforced cold rolled steel, electrostatically finished in dura-baked enamel in three attractive colors: green, tan and gray. Drawers are easily removable and interchangeable. They have rolled edges on each side for added strength. The riveted card holder on the front of the drawer speeds up slide retrieval.

Each cabinet has 6 drawers, with two compartments per row, so you can store as many as 750 slides per drawer, 4,500 sides per cabinet. The outside walls and center divider are lower than the slides, allowing for easy removal of any slide.

Each drawer has an exclusive built-in hand grip at the rear and a full sized handle at the front which allows the drawers to be removed and used as trays.

Each cabinet comes with a set of movable Compressor Blocks to hold slides in place when drawer is not full.

The cabinet measures: 15¾" (W) x 18¾" (D) x 4¾" (H) (40 x 47 x 12 cm)

Made in the USA

74780-10 EMS Cabinet System Base, Green each 100.00 Add to Cart
74780-20 EMS Micro-Slide Cabinet, Green each 295.00 Add to Cart
74780-12 12 MicroSlide Cabinets with Free Base, Green set 3,540.00 Add to Cart
74780-10T EMS Cabinet System Base, Tan each 100.00 Add to Cart
74780-20T EMS MicroSlide Cabinet, Tan each 295.00 Add to Cart
74780-12T 12 MicroSlide Cabinets with Free Base, Tan set 3,540.00 Add to Cart
74780-10G EMS Cabinet System Base, Gray each 100.00 Add to Cart
74780-20G EMS MicroSlide Cabinet, Gray each 295.00 Add to Cart
74780-12G 12 MicroSlide Cabinets with Free Base, Gray set 3,540.00 Add to Cart
74780-25 Microslide Memo Markers 100/pk 100/pk 45.00 Add to Cart
74780-40 Microslide Compressor Follow Blocks 10/pk 15.00 Add to Cart

arrow12For additional Slide Storage Boxes and Slide Holders

Please see listings in the Histology Section.

c-shell cd storagearrow12CD Storage Shell and Envelope

For years, the hard plastic jewel case was the only product available for the protection and storage of compact disks (CDs), which are very brittle, easily broken, and too bulky for storage. Now we are able to introduce alternatives: the C-Shell™ and Paper Sleeves.


C-Shell™ is designed to provide filling, storage, and protection for compact disks or DVDs during shipping. The C-Shell™ is an ultra slim (only 4.5 mm thick), one-piece polypropylene shell with a living hinge.

  • Durable and completely protect the contents
  • Lightweight and ultra thin
  • Open and close with a simple center snap
  • Impact resistance–protect contents during shipping
Paper Sleeves
  • Economical–cost per sleeve is far less than plastic jewel case
  • Space saving
  • Durable
74006-10 C-Shell™ CD Storage 10/pk 12.00 Add to Cart
74006-50 C-Shell™ CD Storage 50/pk 39.00 Add to Cart
74008-10 Paper Sleeve CD Storage 100/pk 20.00 Add to Cart
74008-50 Paper Sleeve CD Storage 500/pk 99.00 Add to Cart

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