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Electron Microscopy Sciences

Specimen Preparation and Embedding Supplies

arrow13Slide Markers, Liquid Blockers, Bio-Imager, and PAP Pens

Liquid Blocker–Super PAP Penarrow12Liquid Blocker – Super PAP Pen

The Newest Staining Guard Pen

New and improved. The Super PAP Pen outperforms the original PAP Pen. The Super PAP Pen may be used at temperatures as high as 120°F. (The old style PAP Pen worked only up to 90°F). With this high temperature feature, one can now use the Super PAP Pen to perform the peroxidase-anti-peroxidase method, ABC method, and Fluorescent antibodies method with satisfactory results.

71310 Super PAP Pen, Large msds each 66.00 Add to Cart
71312 Super PAP Pen, Small each 45.00 Add to Cart

Technical Tip

Using a Pap-Pen

msdsAqua-Hold Pap Penarrow12Aqua-Hold Pap Pen

The Aqua-Hold Pap Pen draws a liquid repellent barrier around a section of tissue. Used like a paint pen, you just draw a well on a slide. The barrier creates the proper surface tension to hold aqueous solutions such as costly antibody and other valuable specimens. After application, the barrier material is insoluble in alcohol and acetone but can be removed after staining with xylene. Each pen holds 13ml of long-lasting material, making hundreds of wells. Red tint distinguishes the well drawing on the slide to easily view.

71311 Aqua-Hold Pen each 54.00 Add to Cart


A wide tipped pen designed for use with frozen sections. The pen provides a sticky membrane which when applied to the slide and onto which the section is placed it eliminates the section from falling off, moving, or wrinkling on the slide during immunostaining procedures. The membrane is stable up to 110°C and is suitable for vigorous applications such as in-situ hybridization.

71313-10 Fro-Marker each 91.00 Add to Cart

Para-Marker arrow12Para-Marker

A wide tipped pen, designed for use with paraffin sections. The pen provides a sticky membrane to the glass slide which not only prevents paraffin sections from falling off but also keeps the sections flat on the slide.

71313-20 Para-Marker each 98.00 Add to Cart

Tissue Capture Penarrow12Tissue Capture Pen

With one swift application of the EMS Tissue Capture Pen, you are able to change your plain glass slide into a coated one.

The EMS Tissue Capture Pen is a coating pen with a wide point (18mm) for fixing various tissue sections (paraffin embedded, frozen and formalin sections, etc.) The unique pen is unaffected by heat up to 120°C so it offers secure and firm adhesion of the tissue section. It may be used in Microwave staining, immunostaining, in situ etc….

One application is all that is needed, and after it is applied, allow to dry for 1-2 minutes.

The EMS Tissue Capture may be used in conjunction with our Pap-Pen (71310) and will allow for easy placement of adherent as well as nonadherent cells on a glass slide. Immunostaining/ISH can be performed by applying a few drops of tissue suspension or liquid media onto the glass slide which is circled by the Pap-Pen, and then your section can be placed.


71314-10 EMS Tissue Capture Pen each 96.00 Add to Cart

msdsarrow12Solvent Resistant Pens

Solvent Resistant Pens feature an ultra-permanent ink.

  • Resistant to xylene, alcohol, acetone and formalin
  • Ideal for histology and cytology
  • Markings will not run on embedding cassettes or frosted/painted slides and labware, even afterrepeated washes and solution treatments
  • Remove markings with acetic acid, an ethanol/xylene mixture or paraffin
  • Testing advised before use

Note: These pens work best on labels or frosted surfaces. They do not work well on smooth surfaces, such as glass or plastic.

Cat. # Description Color Tip (Millimeters) Qty.
62053-B Solvent Resistant Black Extra Fine (0.6) each 5.25 Add to Cart
62053-R Solvent Resistant Red Extra Fine (0.6) each 5.25 Add to Cart

arrow12Teeny Writers

Twin TipTeeny Writer

Teeny Writers are perfect general use lab markers.

  • The Twin-Tip Teeny Writer has a fine tip and an ultra fine tip
  • The original Teeny Writer has an extra fine tip
  • Both are ideal for writing on Tough-Tags and Tough-Spots (Neither are resistant to alcohol)
  • Use for labeling samples stored at room temperature and not exposed to chemicals and/or caustic agents
Catalog # Description Color Tip (Millimeters) Qty.
62054-B Twin-Tip Black Fine/Ultra Fine (0.7/0.3) each 5.25 Add to Cart
62052-B Teeny Writer Black Extra Fine (0.4) each 6.00 Add to Cart

Note: These pens are not resistant to alcohol.

arrow12All Surface Marker Manomark™ Pen Manomark™ Pen All Surface Marker

Writes on all plastic, glass, metal, wool, paper and cloth, including "PTFE", fluoropolymer resins. With its precision seal valve the pens life is preserved and as well it allows for a smooth flow of ink even if it's left uncapped. Once dry, the solvent base ink is temperature resistant from 0°C to 155°C (32°F – 310°F)

Markings are insoluble in water or hydrocarbons, resist many solvents, and are easily removed with alcohol.

72127-AS Manomark Pen Assorted
(4 black, 2 red, 2 green, 2 blue, 2 orange)
12/pk 83.00 Add to Cart
72127-B1 Manomark, Black only each 8.00 Add to Cart
72127-B12 Manomark, Black only 12/pk 83.00 Add to Cart

Wet Surface Pen Writes arrow12Wet Surface Pen Writes on Wet Surfaces or Underwater

This unusual pen will write clearly on wet surfaces, such as marking slots on wet Southern, Northern, and Western blots Use it for marking alignment dots on blotting filters placed over agar plates containing bacterial colonies or phage plaques. Mark lanes on wet plots prior to cutting the filter into strips to be incubated separately with different antisera or probes. It can be used to correct or write on wet labels that were kept in a water bath, in liquid nitrogen or in a freezer at 0 degrees. The Wet Surface Pen is extremely useful for marking filters during processing under water-based buffers. The pen can, of course, also can be used to write on dry paper as a standard ball pen.

72128 Wet Surface Pen, Black each 30.00 Add to Cart

Slide Markers - SHUR/Markarrow12Slide Markers - SHUR/Mark™

A perfect marker designed to mark glass slides and cassettes with priming action; comes with a replaceable felt tip.

  • Quick drying; will not smudge or smear.
  • Chemically resistant; especially to alcohol, xylene and many other solvents.
  • Consistent ink flow with effortless writing.
  • Replaceable priming tip, which eliminates clogged and/or worn out tips.

TO USE: Simply depress the tip until the tip is saturated with ink.

72100-01 Shur/Mark™ Black each 11.50 Add to Cart
72100-12 Shur/Mark™ Black 12/pk 102.00 Add to Cart
72102-01 Shur/Mark™ Red each 11.50 Add to Cart
72102-12 Shur/Mark™ Red 12/pk 102.00 Add to Cart

StatMark Pen Permanent ink ultrafine tiparrow12StatMark Pen

Permanent ink in an ultrafine tip is ideal for labeling microscope slides and cassettes. StatMark Pens are made of rigid nylon that allow for precise hand marking on glass slides as well as on most tissue embedding cassettes. This quick drying ink is highly resistant to aqueous based stains, alcohols, xylene and xylene substitutes. StatMark Pens do not dry out easily and last twice as long as many of the leading 'laboratory' pens.

72109-01 StatMark Pen each 4.50 Add to Cart
72109-12 StatMark Pen 12/box 34.00 Add to Cart

arrow12WRITE-ON™ Marker Pens

These pens are made from specially formulated ink and are to be used on anterior surfaces as well as sides of histology cassettes. The ink will dry almost instantly and withstands temperatures up to 195°C and is resistant to solvents.

72106-01 Write-On™ Marker Pen, Black each 5.00 Add to Cart
72106-10 Write-On™ Marker Pen, Black 10/pk 43.00 Add to Cart

arrow12Marker Pen; Markal Sharpie

Smear resistant, water-resistant, fast-drying no. 15 fine line. Usable on glass, porcelain, metals, and plastics.

Marker Pen; Markal Sharpie
72110 Black Felt Tip each 1.80 Add to Cart
72120 Black Felt Tip box/12 17.50 Add to Cart
72130 Red Felt Tip each 1.75 Add to Cart
72140 Red Felt Tip box/12 17.00 Add to Cart

High Opacity – Paint Markersarrow12High Opacity – Paint Markers

Constructed aluminum barrel, actuating ball and hard felt tips, these markers permanently cover nearly any surface. Weatherproof. Resistant to alcohol and acetone. Contains xylene.

Markers are available in black, red and white with bullet tips. Except model 130, it writes like a pen with white ink for marking on dark surfaces, including carbon tabs, which is use in SEM specimen mounting purpose.

72167-R1 Small Marker, Red each 3.00 Add to Cart
72167-R2 Large Marker, Red each 4.25 Add to Cart
72168-W1 Pen-like Marker each 6.50 Add to Cart
72168-W2 Large Marker, White each 4.25 Add to Cart
72168-B1 Small Marker, Black each 3.00 Add to Cart
72169-B2 Large Marker, Black each 4.25 Add to Cart

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