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arrow13Osmium Tetroxide to Papanicolaou

msdsOsmium Tetroxidearrow12Osmium Tetroxide

Osmium Tetroxide, Crystalline, Highest Purity, 99.95%
(Osmic Acid Anhydride)
OsO4   F.W. 254.20   CAS #20816-12-0
Melting Range : 39.5-41.0°C
Boiling Point : 129.7°C
Vapor Pressure @25°C: 9.8 mmHg
Solubility: 5.07% in Cold Water; 6.5% in Hot Water; 25.0% in CCl4
Osmium Purity: >99.95%
Non-Volatile matter: <0.02%

Small size (2ml), Light-gauge, pre-scored amber glass ampoules. Ampoules containing OsO4 Crystal, are pre-cleaned and heat sealed in plastic bags to assure a contaminant-free solution. Ampoules are also free of pressure-sensitive labels and, therefore, do not require cleaning prior to solution preparation.

Please call us for special prices on all other quantities and package sizes.

RT 19100   1g 35.00/g Add to Cart
RT 19110   10x1g 31.50/g Add to Cart
RT 19102   20x1g 30.00/g Add to Cart
RT 19103   30x1g 30.00/g Add to Cart
RT 19104   40x1g 30.25/g Add to Cart
RT 19105   50x1g 29.80/g Add to Cart
RT 19112   5x2g/Ampoule 32.50/g Add to Cart
RT 19114   5x4g/Ampoule 32.00/g Add to Cart
RT 19115   5g/Amp 34.00/g Add to Cart
RT 19116   6g/Amp 34.17/g Add to Cart
RT 19120   ½g 23.50/½g Add to Cart
RT 19130   10x½g 210.00/bx Add to Cart
RT 19131 Same as 19130 (5 bxs + /lot) 1,005.00/bx Add to Cart
RT 19132   10x¼g 120.00/bx Add to Cart
RT 19134   10x1/10g 70.00/bx Add to Cart

arrow12Aqueous Solution:

To facilitate your work, we now have available a complete line of Osmium Tetroxide Aqueous Solutions with various concentrations. Sealed under dry nitrogen. Prepared in our plant daily. Exact concentrations and volume in pre-scored amber-ampoules.

msds4% Aqueous Solution:
RT 19140   2ml 8.00 Add to Cart
RT 19150   10x2ml 53.00 Add to Cart
RT 19151 Same as 19150 5bxs/lot 242.00 Add to Cart
RT 19160   5 ml 14.00 Add to Cart
RT 19170   10x5 ml 128.00 Add to Cart
RT 19171 Same as 19170 5bxs/lot 610.00 Add to Cart
RT 19180   10 ml 22.00 Add to Cart
RT 19190   10x10 ml 190.00 Add to Cart
RT 19191 Same as 19190 5bxs/lot 940.00 Add to Cart
msds2% Aqueous Solution
RT 19152   10x2ml 47.00 Add to Cart
RT 19153 Same as 19152 5bxs/lot 210.00 Add to Cart
RT 19172   10x5 ml 83.00 Add to Cart
RT 19173 Same as 19172 5bxs/lot 410.00 Add to Cart
RT 19192   10x10 ml 118.00 Add to Cart
RT 19193 Same as 19192 5bxs/lot 560.00 Add to Cart

Special orders are encouraged for different solution concentrations and packaging requirements.

Technical Tips

Neutralization and Disposal of Osmium Tetroxide
Making and Air Tight Container for Osmium Tetroxide

msdsarrow12Papanicolaou Stain, OG-6

RT 26048-05 OG-6 Stain Solution 500 ml 46.00 Add to Cart
RT 26048-06 OG-6 Stain Solution 1 L 82.00 Add to Cart

msdsarrow12Papanicolaou Stain, EA-50 (EA Counterstain)

RT 26049-05 EA-50 Stain Solution 500 ml 66.00 Add to Cart
RT 26049-06 EA-50 Stain Solution 1 L 129.00 Add to Cart

Certificates of Analysis

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