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Scanning Electron Microscope Supplies

arrow13Colloidal Compounds and Conductive Adhesives

arrow12Silver Adhesives

msdsmsdsarrow10Liquid; Colloidal Silver

1-Methoxy-2-propanol base. Fast drying. Average grain size less than 1 µm and Silver content is 60%. Sheet resistance is 0.02 ohm per square inch @ 1 mil thickness. Comes with a brush attached to the cap. Service temperature is 30 minutes at 200°C.

RT 12630 Silver Liquid 15g 45.00 Add to Cart
RT 12641 Silver Colloidal Extender 25 ml 7.25 Add to Cart
msdsmsdsarrow12Paste; Colloidal Silver

Clear Lacquer base. Thick base – Ideal for non-flowing required. Easily applied with micro spatula or wooden toothpick. Particle size ranging 0.4-1 µm, 80% are less than 1 µm. Cure in 16 to 20 hours at room temperature or 30 minutes at 125 – 150 °C

12640 Silver Paste 25g 70.00 Add to Cart
12641 Silver Colloidal Extender 25 ml 7.25 Add to Cart

msdsmsdsTDSarrow12Electrodag 1415M

A silver-based shielding coating which provides electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and has been specifically designed to give increased coverage while maintaining a very high conductivity. It is a very economic means of achieving excellent shielding against radiated electromagnetic interference (EMI). It maintains its low resistance even after exposure to heat, cold, humidity and salt spray. It is an air drying system that requires no primer or top coat. It is easily applied by spray or included brush and is compatible with plastics commonly used for electronic equipment enclosures.

Electrodag 1415M is designed to replace all discontinued shielding coatings that had contained silver-plated copper.

12697 Electrodag 1415M 50 ml 72.00 Add to Cart
12697-25 Electrodag 1415M 25 ml 42.00 Add to Cart
12697-10 Silver Paint Thinner 30 ml 15.00 Add to Cart

arrow12Graphite Adhesives

msdsTDSarrow10Water Base

Flat surface texture. The average flake size is 1µm. Service temperature: 306°C.

12650 Graphite, Water base 50g 10.50 Add to Cart
msdsmsdsCCC Carbon Adhesivearrow10Isopropanol base

Flat surface texture. The average flake size is 1µm. Service temperature is 204°C.

12660 Graphite, Isopropanol base 30g 8.50 Add to Cart
12661 Graphite Extender 30 ml 7.25 Add to Cart

arrow12EMS Conductive Graphene Carbon Paint - Water-Based

EMS Conductive Graphene Carbon Pain

New Formulation

This strong, water-based adhesive has excellent electrical and thermal conductivity. It is non-hazardous and dries quickly to an ultra-smooth finish in just 15 minutes. It is black in color and comes in a brush-cap 30g bottle.


Used to coat a surface making it either electrically- or thermally-conductive. Useful in the manufacture and repair of printed circuits.


  • Excellent electrical conductivity
  • Excellent thermal conductivity
  • Water- and oil-resistant
  • No measurable VOCs
  • Anti-oxidant
  • UVA-blocking
  • Anti cracking
12660-26 EMS Conductive Graphene Carbon Paint, Water-based, 30g each 39.50 Add to Cart

msdsmsdstwo part conductive silver paintarrow12Two Part Conductive Silver Paint

This electrically conductive silver epoxy is used for adhering samples as well as solderless connections such as bonding in electric design, prototype and repair work, circuit board repair, surface mount connections, static discharge, shielding and grounding. It is also ideal for the bonding of heat sensitive components. Its curing time is within ten minutes at 100°F (38°C), or at room temperature. Conductivity is 0.001 ohm/cm.

12642-14 Two Part Conductive Silver Paint 14gr kit 92.00 Add to Cart

msdsCCC Carbon Adhesiveleit c-plastarrow12Leit-C-Plast

A special adhesive with very high electrical conductivity and permanent plasticity for the preparation of big specimens in SEM work.

12667 Leit-C-Plast 15g 49.50 Add to Cart

msdsconductive silver penarrow12Conductive Silver Pen

This pen is designed for making instant conductive silver traces. It is ideal for applying samples to SEM stubs. A unique valve tip allows for very smooth flow withnormal writing pressure and it is spring loaded to prevent clogging. For conductivity traces, solderable termination's are possible using a 250°F cure for 15-20 minutes. Tin, lead, or silver solder can be used (Do not exceed 350°F for more than 5 seconds). Each pen is filled with approximately 100 feet of traces. Silver content: 39-45% with less than 10 micron diameter.The thinner that is used for this pen is Butyl Acetate.

12644-01 Conductive Silver Pen each 45.00 Add to Cart
12644-02 Conductive Silver Pen, Micro tip each 44.00 Add to Cart

flex conductive penarrow12Flex Conductive Pen

This micro-tip pen is used for drawing flexible conductive silver traces on Mylar® and any flex circuitry. Dries in minutes. 8.5g (0.3oz)

12645-01 Flex Conductive Pen each 72.00 Add to Cart

opaque white extra fine penarrow12Opaque White, Extra Fine Pen

Permanently mark on nearly any surface in white color and the marking is waterproof. This pen is ideal for SEM, marking sample identification on carbon tabs, aluminum stubs, conductive tape or any similar surface. The pen contains xylene.

72168-01 Opaque White Pen each 6.50 Add to Cart

SEM Sample Mountant – Dual Usearrow12SEM Sample Mountant – Dual Use

This extraordinary mountant can be used as a temporary or premanent bond. The pen is composed of a fiber tip, allowing for even and reproducable application, and may be used in all SEM applications.

The glue appears blue, however dries to clear. Free from any solvents, the base of the glue is acrylic.

Photo safe and acid free.

10gm tube.

12659 SEM Sample Mountant – Dual Use each 6.95 Add to Cart

msdsmsdsCCC Carbon Adhesiveccc carbon adhesivearrow12CCC Carbon Adhesive

An electrically Carbon Conductive Cement for specimen mounting in all SEM work. After drying of the cement, immediate investigation of conductive specimens is possible. Non-conductive specimens need only to be coated with carbon or metal.

Thinner is available if the cement viscosity is too thick.

12664 CCC Adhesive 30g 58.00 Add to Cart
12665 CCC Thinner 30 ml 12.00 Add to Cart

msdstemp fix adhesivearrow12Tempfix Adhesive

A thermoplastic adhesive for mounting powder specimens and small particles for SEM. It does not contain any solvents and it is stable in high vacuum. It is not sticky at room temperature but becomes adhesive at 40°C and melts at 120°C. Tempfix may also be used as an embedding medium.

12668 Tempfix Adhesive Set each 54.00 Add to Cart

Certified Conductive Adhesivesarrow12Certified Colloidal Compounds

EMS introduces a new reliable line of conductive adhesives which are certified by the Bureau Veritas Quality International. Quality Standards: ISO 9001; EN29001; ANSI/ASQC Q91

msdsarrow12Silver Conductive 18DB70X

Silver Conductive Coating 18DB70X is a direct substitute for Silver Conductive Fluid 416, which is no longer available. This material was specially formulated for use in geographic areas that demand the use of low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) products. It also provides low ohms at very thin dry film thickness on almost any surface, and exhibits excellent long term shielding and grounding properties.

Typical Properties

As supplied (Liquid)
Pigment Silver
Binder Acrylic
Solids content by weight: 50.8% ± 5%
Density: 13.9 lb/gal (1.67kg/l)
As applied:
VOC 0.5 lb/gal (59.6g/l)
Diluent: Acetone (1:1 ratio by volume)
Drying time: 5 minutes air dry to touch/10 minutes to handle then 5 minutes at 180°–225°F(82° – 107°C) or air cure for 24 hrs
When dried:
Sheet resistance: 0.015 ohms/sq. in./mil (25µm)
Attenuation: 75 dB
12684-15 Silver Conductive Coating 15 g 45.00 Add to Cart

arrow12Silver Conductive Adhesive Fluid 504

Replaced by Silver Conductive Adhesive 503.

msdsSilver Conductive Adhesive arrow12Silver Conductive Adhesive 503

A High Temperature Conductive Paint

Silver paint 503 is a flexible, high temperature conductive material designed for a wide variety of uses, and adheres to most substrates.


  • Withstands ambient temperatures of over 500°F (260°C)
  • Remains flexible over temperature range of –40°F to 500°F
  • Highly conductive – good adhesion to substrates
  • Dries at room temperature
  • Ready to use – easy to apply

Typical Properties

(as supplied)
Pigment Specially treated silver 56%
Binder Fluoroelastomer
Carrier Methyl Isobuthyl Ketone (MIBK)
Color Silver - Consistency: fluid
Density 14.6 lbs/gal (1.75kg/L)
Solid content by weight 18%
Weight solids 62%
Viscosity 1700cps

Shelf life for this product is two years under original seal. Store in cool place.

Typical Properties (as Cured):
Color Silver
Service temperature 525°F (275°C)
Sheet resistance 0.05 ohms/sq. in/ 1mil dry film


Air dry coated part approximately 10 minutes (depending on humidity) before carrying out resistance hecks. Air dry to touch in 30 seconds and it is ready for use in 2 minutes.

12686-15 Silver Conductive Adhesive 503 15g 39.00 Add to Cart

msdsmsdsarrow12Silver Conductive Adhesive Paste 478SS

Our adhesive 478SS is a conductive, silver-based polymer which is used for thick film coatings where liquid silver is not an option. Once cured, it offers a very high Tg (glass transition temperature) 153°F (67°C) to prevent blocking, and offers superior adhesion to polyester film. Adhesive 478SS can be cured at 200°F (93°C) within 15 minutes. Higher temperatures will reduce the time needed to achieve a final cure.

Typical Properties

(As Supplied)
Pigment Silver
Binder Polyester
Color Silver
Dilutent Carbitol acetate
Consistency Paste (13,000-28,000 cps)
Solid content 72.5-75.5%
Flash point 230°F (110°C)
Shelf life 6 months under original seal
(As Cured)
Color Silver
Sheet resistance <0.025 ohm/sq @ 1 mil
12685-15 Silver Conductive Adhesive 478SS 15g 52.00 Add to Cart
12685-25 Silver Conductive Adhesive 478SS Thinner 25 ml 9.00 Add to Cart

msdsmsdsCCC Carbon AdhesiveConductive Epoxy Gold-Paste arrow12EMS Conductive Epoxy Gold-Paste

arrow12EMS Conductive Epoxy Gold-Paste

This EMS one part Epoxy Gold Paste is a gold-filled conductive bonding, exhibiting high electrical conductivity and bond strength. This Gold Paste is used in preference to silver-epoxy or other silver preparations to avoid silver migration problems, or when a higher signal is required.

This Gold Paste is well suited to all SEM work, and it bonds well to alumina ceramic substrate, phenolic circuit boards, and transistor headers. It is also useful in a variety of applications in solid state and hybrid circuits including attachment, bonding semiconductor devices, heat sinks, capacitor chips.

Properties of Epoxy Gold-Paste
Composition 88% Gold
System One-part epoxy
Viscosity 175,000 cps
Pot Life (25°C) 6 months
Cure 15 hrs. @ 150°C, or 1 hr. @ 150°C plus 2 hrs. @ 200°C
Elec. Resist (Ohm-cm) 4 x 104
Bond Shear Strength 1000 psi
Outgasing (postcure) 0.70% 1000 hrs @ 125°C
Thinner Butyl carbitol acetate or butyl cellosolve acetate
Serv. Temp. Range -65°C to +200°C
12640-01 (12640) Gold Epoxy Paste 2 g 260.00 Add to Cart
12685-26 (12685-25) Gold Thinner (Butyl Carbitol Acetate) 25 ml 30.00 Add to Cart

Technical Tip

Mounting of Powders, Granules, and Fibers

msdsmsdsCCC Carbon Adhesivearrow12EMS Conductive Gold-Paste

This EMS Conductive Gold-Paste is a one part adhesive. Fast drying – dries at room temperature. Maximum service temperature is 65°C. This adhesive is not for permanent use, useful for testing and temporary work where a high signal is required from the adhesive.

Gold content is ~75%, including sphere sizes <2 µm, and flake size <10 µm, in organic binders and a solvent. Keep refrigerated for good shelf life.

Sheet resistance is 0.02 to 0.05 ohm-cm @ 1 mil thickness.

12642 EMS Conductive Gold-Paste 2 gm 190.00 Add to Cart
12643 Conductive Gold-Paste Extender 25 ml 8.50 Add to Cart

msdsarrow12Graphite Conductive Adhesive 154

Adhesive 154 is an easy-to-apply resistance coating designed to provide high lubricity, conductivity, and excellent release properties to many non-conductive substrates, including most plastics. It is made from a dispersion of colloidal graphite in an isopropanol base which quickly air-dries, forms an uniform thin film adherent layer. Air dries to touch in 5 minutes and is ready for use in 30 minutes. After air drying, bake for 5 minutes at 167°F (75°C) to achieve optimum coating qualities in a shorter curing cycle.


(As supplied)
Pigment Graphite
Color Black
Binder Celluosic resin
Carrier Isopropanol
Dilutent Isopropanol or equivalent
Consistency Liquid
Weight solids 20%
Volume solids 14%
Flash point 13°C (55°F)
Shelf life 6 months under original seal
(As cured)
Color Matte black
Service temp 150°F (65°C)
Sheet resistance 1.2 K ohms/sq inch @ 1 mil dry film
12691-30 Graphite Conductive Adhesive 154 30g 9.50 Add to Cart

msdsarrow12Carbon Conductive Adhesive 502

A High Temperature Conductive Paint

Conductive adhesive 502 is a combination of specially processed carbon particles in a fluoroelastomer resin system designed to provide high resistance values. In its cured form, it exhibits both high and low temperature flexibility and moisture resistance.


  • Withstands ambient temperatures of over 500°F (260°C)
  • Remains flexible over temperature range of –40°F to over 500°F (260°C)
  • Cures at room temperature
  • Good adhesion to a variety of substrate
  • Excellent oxidation resistance
  • Ready to use - easy to apply

Typical Properties (as supplied)

Pigment Specially processed carbon
Binder Fluoroelastomer
Diluent MethylEethylKketone (MEK)
Color Black
Consistency Fluid
Density 7.2lbs/gal (0.87 kg/l)
Solid content by weight 13%
Viscosity 600 ± 200 mPas (Brookfield RVT @ 20rpm)
Flask point 23°F (-°5C)

Shelf life for this product is one year under original seal. Store in cool place.

Typical Properties (as cured)

Color Black
Max service temperature 525°F (275°C)
Sheet resistance 130 ± 100 ohms/ mil dry film


Air drying of the product is adequate for most applications. To assure complete solvent loss, the coating can be baked for 15 minutes at 302°F (150°C)

Carbon Conductive Adhesive 502 30g 16.00 Add to Cart

graphitemsdsarrow12Graphite Spray

An easy to use graphite spray to coat small samples. It is fast drying and produces a very flat, thin, and uniform graphite film. Its service temperature is up to 204°C. It's electrical resistance is 1.2 kohm/sq" at 1 ml thickness.

12648 Graphite Spray 284g 22.75 Add to Cart

arrowEPO-TEK – Epoxy Conductive Adhesive

msdsmsdsSilver Conductive Adhesive arrowEPO-TEK® H20E

EPO-TEK® H20E is a two component, 100% solids silver-filled epoxy system for chip/electronic bonding in microelectronic and optoelectronic as well as SEM mounting applications. Used extensively for themal management applications due to its high thermal conductivity.

  • EPO-TEK® H20E features high thermal conductivity, and is very well suited for extensive high temperature applications (300-400°C)
  • Extremly reliable conductive adhesive choice for new and old applications
  • H20E contains no solvents and will not outgas
  • When cured, H20E is resistant to solvents, resin and moisture
  • Long Pot life (2½ days)
  • Shelf life is one year when store at 23°C

Maximum Bond Line Cure Schedule:

175°C 45 seconds
150°C 5 minutes
120°C 15 minutes
80°C 3 hours

Typical properties:

(To be used as a guide only, not as a specification. Data below is NOT guaranteed. Different batches, conditions and applications yield differing results; Cure condition: 150°C/1 hour; *denotes test on lot acceptance basis)

Physical Properties

*Color: Part A: silver; Part B: silver
*Consistency: Smooth, thixotropic paste
*Viscosity (@ 100 RPM / 23°C): 2,200-3,200 cPs
Thixotropic Index: 4.63
Glass Transition Temp (Tg): ≥80°C (Dynamic cure 20 – 200°C / ISO 25 Min; Ramp -10 to 200°C @ 20°C/Min)
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE): Below Tg: 31 x 10-6 in/in/°C
Above Tg: 158 x 10-6 in/in/°C
Shore D hardness:  75
Lap Shear Strength @ 23°C: 1,475 psi
Die Shear Strength @ 23°C: >10 kg / 3,400 psi
Degradation Temp (TGA): 425°C
Weight Loss:

@ 200°C: 0.59%
@ 250°C: 1.09%
@ 300°C: 1.67%

Operating Temp: Continuous: -55°C to 200°C
Intermittent: -55°C to 300°C
Storage Modulus @ 23°C: 808,700 psi
Ions: Cl- 73 ppm
Na+ 2 ppm
NH4+ 98 ppm
K+ 3 ppm
*Particle Size: ≤45 microns

Electrical Properties

*Volume Resistivity @ 23°C: ≤0.0004 Ohm-cm

Thermal Properties

Thermal Conductivity: 2.5 W/mK, Based on standard method: Laser Flash
  29 W/mK, Based on Thermal Resistance Data: R = L x K-1 x A-1
Thermal Resistance: (Junction to Case): TO-18 package with nickel-gold metallized 20 x 20 mil chips and bonded with EPO-TEK H20E (2 mils thick)
EPO-TEK®H20E: 6.7 to 7.0°C/W
Solder: 4.0 to 5.0°C/W
RT 12671-20E EPO-TEK® H20E Adhesive 1 oz 277.00 Add to Cart

msdsmsdsarrowEPO-TEK® H20S

EPO-TEK® H20S is a modified version of Epo-Tek®H20E. Epo-Tek® H20S is a highly reliable, two component, silver-filled epoxy with a smooth, thixotropic consistency (mixing ratio 1:1). This modified version offers high electrical conductivity, short curing cycles, proven reliability, and the convenient mix ratio, Epo-Tek® H20S is extremely simple to use. Epo-Tek® H20S pot life is 2.5 days and shelf life is one year when store at room temperature.

Maximum Bond Line Cure Schedule:

175°C 45 seconds
150°C 5 minutes
120°C 15 minutes
100°C 45 minutes
80°C 90 minutes

Typical properties: (to be used as a guide only, not a specification)

Physical Properties:
Color: Part A: silver
Part B: silver
Consistency: Smooth, thixotropic paste
Viscosity (@ 100 RPM / 23°C): 1,800-2,800 cPs
Thixotropic Index: 5
Glass Transition Temp (Tg): ≥80°C (Dynamic cure 20 – 200°C / ISO 25 Min; Ramp -10 to 200°C @ 20°C/Min)
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE): Below Tg: 31 x 10-6 in/in/°C
Above Tg: 120 x 10-6 in/in/°C
Shore D hardness: 57
Lap Shear Strength @ 23°C: 1,240 psi
Die Shear Strength @ 23°C: ≥5 kg / 1,700 psi
Degradation Temp (TGA): 414°C
Weight Loss: @ 200°C: 0.40%
@ 250°C: 0.60%
@ 300°C: 1.37%
Operating Temp: Continuous: -55°C to 200°C
Intermittent: -55°C to 300°C
Storage Modulus @ 23°C: 339,720 psi
Ion: Cl- 162 ppm
Na+ 0 ppm
NH4+ 282 ppm
K+ 4 ppm
Particle Size: ≤20 microns
Electrical Properties:
Volume Resistivity @ 23°C: ≤0.0005 Ohm-cm
Thermal Properties:
Thermal Conductivity: 3.25 W/mK
RT 12672-20S Epo-Tek® H20S Adhesive 1 oz 232.00 Add to Cart

msdsmsdsarrowEPO-TEK® H22

Epo-Tek® H22 is a two component, silver-filled epoxy system. Mixing ratio of silver resin paste and liquid hardener is 100:4.5. Pot life 16 hours, and shelf life is 6 months at room temperature.

Maximum Bond Line Cure Schedule:

150°C 5 minutes
120°C 10 minutes
100°C 20 minutes
80°C 45 minutes

Epo-Tek® H22 features:

  • Smooth, free-flowing, slightly thixotropic paste
  • High Tg allows it to be used for high temperature applications (≤300°C)
  • Contains no solvents – It is a NASA approved low outgasing epoxy
  • Excellent resistance to solvents, chemicals and moisture
  • Extended pot life and fast curing at low temperature <100°C
  • Designed for die bonding and sealing hybrid circuit. Recommended for SEM small angle cleavage and wafer bonding

Typical properties: (to be used as a guide only, not a specification)

Physical Properties
Color: Part A: silver; Part B: amber
Consistency: Smooth, flowing paste
Viscosity (@ 100 RPM / 23°C): 12,000-20,000 cPs
Thixotropic Index: 2.36
Glass Transition Temp (Tg): ≥100°C (Dynamic cure 20 – 200°C / ISO  25 Min; Ramp  -10 to 200°C @ 20°C/Min)
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE): Below Tg:   39 x 10-6 in/in/°C
Above Tg: 224 x 10-6 in/in/°C
Shore D hardness: 80
Lap Shear Strength @ 23°C: 1,980 psi
Die Shear Strength @ 23°C: ≥5 kg / 1,700 psi
Degradation Temp (TGA): 454°C
Weight Loss: @ 200°C: 0.09%
@ 250°C: 0.23%
@ 300°C: 1.42%
Operating Temp: Continuous: -55°C to 250°C
Intermittent: -55°C to 350°C
Storage Modulus @ 23°C: 540,120 psi
Ion: Cl- 175 ppm
Na+ 60 ppm
NH4+ 148 ppm
K+ 6 ppm
Particle Size: ≤45 microns
Electrical Properties:
Volume Resistivity @ 23°C: ≤0.005 Ohm-cm
Thermal Properties
Thermal Conductivity: 0.94 W/mK
RT 12673-22 Epo-Tek® H22 Adhesive 1 oz 220.50 Add to Cart

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